Awaiting the Anna Wintour backlash

Awaiting the Anna Wintour backlash

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I installed my new Arc Touch Mouse on Friday evening and noticed I still had my Wireless Mouse 5000 connected via a USB hub so decided to check out my device center to see what was showing. I really just wanted to see if the high res image of the Arc Touch Mouse was there – I’m pleased to say it was, sat alongside by other black Microsoft kit.

In a field of white and aluminium competition, I’m sticking with black. I expect Anna Wintour will be in touch soon to tell me how unfashionable I am.

[update] I’m impressed by the backlash on my apparent reading of the Daily Mail (aka Daily Doom). Trust me when I tell you it’s close to the last paper I would ready. Just happened that when searching for Anna Wintour and black on Bing, that’s the first link that made sense to use. Honest guv!

  • Having used the Microsoft keyboards I must say I fell in love when I stumbled across the Filco mechanical keyboards from  A throw back to the IBM Model M days but with a well engineered twist.  I would bet that you'd find a mechanical keyboard gives the Comfort one a run for its money.

  • Hi Steve, since you like black gadgets, check out the new Swiftpoint Mouse - sleek and black with a cool red thumb pad.  I have had one for about a month and am loving it - no more touchpad.  you can see it at

  • very cool - thanks for sharing Markhntr

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