October, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Shape up…Kinect is coming


    Video demo for Your Shape : Fitness Evolved for Kinect – I need the game for sure and love the video. Reminded me of a Sony Bravia ad at times and  I love the visuals in the video….augmented reality styleee. Nice.

  • Steve Clayton

    Computer Weekly IT blog awards–voting is open


    Gosh…nominated for a 3rd year running and though I’d be delighted if you voted for me, Paul Fabretti and Rich are both very worthy of your vote and have got mine.

    You can cast your votes over on the CW site. Good luck to everyone shortlisted

  • Steve Clayton



    PowerPoint for Mac 2011Outlook for Mac 2011Word for Mac 2011Excel for Mac 2011

    New logos for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

  • Steve Clayton

    The new rules of marketing


    Most folks reading this will know them already. Most of you will probably have already read them on Hugh’s blog so I post them here to help burn them in to my own brain more than anything. I’ve only posted the headline and the full text of my favourite so I’d highly recommend going to the source for the full thing.


    1. The market for something to believe in is infinite.

    2. The most important word in marketing is “complicity”.

    3. Your customers are becoming smarter about your market a lot faster than you are. Thanks to the internet, your customers are able to talk to each other. They are able to find better information about your product than you are able of willing to give them, much quicker than you are capable of giving them. The conversation will happen with or without you, you’re better off joining in.

    4. The primary job of an advertiser is not to communicate benefit, but to communicate conviction.

    5. A company’s primary role is to function as an “idea amplifier”. A company’s primary role is not to make or do stuff. Making and doing are mere subsets.

    6. The future of advertising is internal.

    7. Your job is no longer about selling. Your job is about firing off as many synapses in your customer’s brain as possible.

    8. Good-bye, Messages. Hello, Social Gesture.

    9. Control the conversation by improving the conversation.

    10. The more porous the membrane that separates your business from your market, the easier it is for both parties to be in alignment.

  • Steve Clayton

    We have your Windows Phone 7



    Wanna see what your Windows Phone 7 would look like? Check out the Facebook app our marketing folks built – it gives you a sense of what it’d be like. It’s a pretty smart tool but the reality is, you need to play with one of these phones if you really wanna get a sense of how different the OS is – just like Matt Rosoff said in his piece on BusinessInsider today.

    Now, the challenge is getting enough people to see the phone – we only have 4 stores right now but arming every Microsoft employee with a phone is a decent start. My family & friends are going to be indoctrinated within the next 90 days Smile

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