January, 2011

  • Steve Clayton

    AI past and future


    Artificial Intelligence

    A fun cartoon by Tom Gauld

  • Steve Clayton

    Another year, another business card



    My latest official card – this one has my job title as Editor: Next at Microsoft – which is where the tag below takes you. You can grab a Tag reader for most mobile devices by browsing to http://gettag.mobi from your device. My other job title is Senior Director, Storytelling which according to Fortune.com is a “wacky” job title :)


  • Steve Clayton

    What’s in my sack?


    I was inspired by Hugh’s recent post on his portable studio, I got thinking about what I carry around every day – what are the tools of my trade? 

    My main use bag is the Rapha backpack from the legendary cycling company. The build quality of their stuff is second to none and this bag is no exception. The detailing is wonderful with little touches of their trademark pink here and there. The bag itself has a good selection of external and internal pockets including a laptop divider. It’s big enough to house my essentials while being small enough that I have to judiciously pick what I carry. Here’s today’s inventory

    • Lenovo X301 laptop + small power supply. Though I have a smaller laptop with my Vaio X, the Lenovo is the perfect combination of power to weight.
    • Zune HD 32
    • Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones. Okay, they take up too much space but they’re to good to leave at home!
    • Leica D-LUX 4 – used for taking snaps around campus. More of which will be showing up on Next at Microsoft soon!
    • Micro USB cable – for sync and power of my Samsung Focus
    • Oakley Flak Jackets – I live in Seattle. I live in hope.
    • Numerous pens and markers
    • Cowshed lipbalm – did I mention I live in Seattle? “Stolen” from High Road House
    • Various memory sticks – 2x4gb, 1x16gb (rarely used) given the cloud syncs all my stuff.
    • Do Epic *** stickers – I just got a load more of these and friends keep asking me for them.
    • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse – flat and perfect
    • Sony ICD-UX200 digital voice recorder. Slowly being made redundant by my Samsung Focus and OneNote

    That’s my daily load – all I need (and more really) to get my gig done. What’s your haul look like?

  • Steve Clayton

    About those Windows Phone ads…


    Art imitates life imitates art. Poor girl…but too funny not to share.

    remind you of anything?

  • Steve Clayton

    The Sartorialist is one of my heroes


    when your hobby becomes your job, you'll never work another day in your life. I've gotten pretty close to this....as has The Sartorialist (albeit he's a bit more famous).

    I’ve decided to pick up my camera and start to shoot more of Microsoft and my travels. Some of it will appear here, some will appear on Next.

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