Greetings. You may have noticed that things have been rather slow around here for a while….apologies for that but it’s with good reason and there is a solution to maintain your geek fix. see below




Next at Microsoft is my main beat now…thanks to your support of Geek in Disguise over the years, the man gave me a real blogging job and much of what you’d previously seen here is now available at or by clicking on the image above. You can grab the RSS feed, subscribe via Feedburner or subscribe to Next at Microsoft by email

Here’s a glimpse of what you may be missing on Next




my Posterous site hosts the stuff that doesn’t fit with Next – cool videos, interesting ads, unusual products and anything that I stumble across that I wan to bookmark. Here’s a glimpse of what you may be missing there


I hope you find time to check out both and maintain your fix! feedback welcome as always…