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  • Blog Post: Wonderful composite video

    Lovely work from GE and similar from Nike hat tip to FlowingData Tweet
  • Blog Post: Killer artwork of The Killers

    I remember having to do a detention essay back in school when I was 16 on pointillism …it was boring. I can’t tell you the reason for the detention…far too cheeky I was…but it’s no longer boring. The Killers IE9 website was art in itself but now I may have another reason to bolster my fledgling art collection...
  • Blog Post: Every child is an artist

    This is normally the type of stuff I would post over on my Posterous site – I moved a lot of the creative, art, random other stuff over there from this blog. In fact I have posted this one over there but decided to pose here too as I thought it was too good for you to miss…but also to remind you that...
  • Blog Post: Digital Cartography

    I love maps and god bless the BBC for their documentary series on The Beauty of Maps . Sounds boring I know but check out the video…
  • Blog Post: TV advertising meets art

    A tried and tested formula for a great ad – have lots of movement and chaos and then slow things down and overlay some opera music. Perfectly executed in so many ways. I’ve been posting a few adverts of late and what it made me realise is that the very best ads are really art – they’re wonderfully well...
  • Blog Post: Rockin’ Art

    [plectrum by Patrick Thomas ] I’ve become a bit of an art fan over the last year and two and decided a hat tip to my favourite gallery in London was long overdue. Nelly Duff on Columbia Road is a small but perfectly formed gallery with a terrific selection of art from Banksy, Eine, Nick Walker, Shepard...
  • Blog Post: Don’t be boring

    nice find by Matt
  • Blog Post: Invasion coming

    Cool…got myself an Invader #12 Invasion Kit. You may see these little plaques around the world from an artist known only as Invader . He played a pivotal part in the emergence of Mr Brainwash as chronicled in the recent movie by Banksy, Exit Through The Gift Shop .
  • Blog Post: Clever Illustration

    Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam with some very clever illustrations. I love this one too
  • Blog Post: Star Wars in situ

    Stunning collection of Star Wars images in situ from Cedric Delsaux
  • Blog Post: Books, blogs, ringtones

    I love Tom Gauld’s work Original drawing. Ballpen and whiteout on paper. Image size approx. 8 x 13cm. Signed in pencil. Available for £100 at
  • Blog Post: Uncollectable artwork on the web

    My pal Doug send this uncollectable artwork titled A Tool To Deceive And Slaughter and it’s not just the title that is unusual. This black 8”x8”x8” box is the work of Caleb Larsen and is explained as a physical sculpture that is perpetually attempting to auction itself on eBay. The box contains the...
  • Blog Post: The ABC’s of Branding

      I got my copy of Jason Dean’s 'The ABC's of Branding' today. Looks lovely…will look even better in a frame! Can you get all the brands? I mistook L for the wrong brand but other than that, I got ‘em all.
  • Blog Post: Roller painting

    Wow…via BoingBoing an LED roller paints video onto any wall. It looks like magic. Using a programming language called Max/MSP , Blake Shaw wrote software that makes projected video visible when it comes in contact with the LED lights in the roller.
  • Blog Post: Artists

    Good ones copy, great ones steal….I stole this from Thinking aloud Ironically I have a Daniel Dens canvas of that bottle at home.
  • Blog Post: Commemorating Apollo

    I love Mike’s work . Commemorating Apollo week
  • Blog Post: Trek Bike by Damien Hirst

    Regular readers will know I’ve been following the Trek bike designs of Lance Armstrong and have been awaiting first sight of the Damien Hirst designed model. If I’m honest I’m slightly disappointed as I was expecting an more of an LSD design. I much prefer the Marc Newson model All part of Lance’s STAGES...
  • Blog Post: Lance Armstrong & Shepard Fairey

    Two of my favourite things combined – art and cycling. In fact even better, Lance Armstrong and Shepard Fairey
  • Blog Post: Lego Art Genius

    Classic photographs recreated in Lego by Mike Stimpson . Check out his stunning work on Flickr or buy from Redbubble I love the recession impeded Star Wars scene below
  • Blog Post: A World Record Print

    I attended a world record event last Thursday in Shoreditch, London. Ben Eine and Nelly Duff collaborates to create a screen print containing 77 colours. The print above is the final piece of work and it looked wonderful. Tonnes more photos up on Nelly’s blog showing the show – all 77 prints were on...
  • Blog Post: Chez Clayton Invaded

    I’ve become interested in art over the last year or so – graffiti art in particular so was pleased to grab an Invader kit recently. Now I need to decide whether I put it in a frame internally or slap on the outside of Chez Clayton as a more authentic option. Check out the Invader website for a history...
  • Blog Post: Get Excited and Make Things

    Nice take on a classic – hat tip to Swiss Miss
  • Blog Post: London Street Art with Google Streetview

      Excellent – my chums at Nelly Duffy just came up with a great use for Google’s Streetview – checking out the street art of the capital. A fine Banksy work above on Shafton Street. They have some others on their blog and I’m off to find a few more. I also tracked down an Invader on Park Street...
  • Blog Post: New York Invaded

      Found an Invader down in Tribeca.
  • Blog Post: I Lego New York

    Brilliant. Get the whole series from Christoph Niemann's I Lego New York at The Guardian
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