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  • Blog Post: Another year, another business card

    My latest official card – this one has my job title as Editor: Next at Microsoft – which is where the tag below takes you. You can grab a Tag reader for most mobile devices by browsing to from your device. My other job title is Senior Director, Storytelling which according...
  • Blog Post: British IT humour

    Enfield and Corbett. Classic…and given Google is a verb, ironic that it didn’t make it in to the sketch! Tweet
  • Blog Post: Minifig yourself

    I got sent a minifig of myself recently and they’re scarily good. Check ‘em out at Sculpteo – 3D printed using two photos of you. Tweet
  • Blog Post: Microsoft’s FUSE Labs releases teamcrossword beta

    I got to spend some time with the FUSE Labs teams from around the world this morning, taking a look at their recent projects and listening to some insights in to how Kudo is being used. The team snuck out another project this week with Team Crossword . It’s not a major project for the team and was developed...
  • Blog Post: The Fast Lane

    My first week in the US is drawing to a close and I’ve spent lots of time in US stores figuring out how to buy stuff you need when you move country. Plenty of surprises there but one as surprising as this new video from Volkswagen. Now that’s how to shoppe!
  • Blog Post: Adidas goes Star Wars

      Not quite up the Nike’s standard but funny nonetheless.
  • Blog Post: Must eat more Kit Kats

    Damn, those bananas have been my undoing all along. Switching to Kit Kat’s as of next week
  • Blog Post: The geek in me loves Retro Gamers

    A stunning video PIXELS: Retro Gamers from addwork The geek in me loves this video…hope you do too. I only wish I was 5% as creative as folks like this.
  • Blog Post: Fruit guide

    very handy guide to fruit :) via
  • Blog Post: Star Wars humour

    Brilliant. catch a few more from Stefan via likecool
  • Blog Post: Comic Sans humour

    ho ho ho…
  • Blog Post: The App magnet wars

    Fridge magnets from Jailbreak Toys – quite cute and they reminded me of some similar magnets I bought about 11 years ago at the now defunct Microsoft Store in San Francisco. hat tip to LikeCool
  • Blog Post: Valentines

  • Blog Post: Modern Toss

    A brilliant collection of Eastenders from Modern Toss via Guardian
  • Blog Post: Food on the floor?

    A cut out and keep guide to the food on the floor dilemma. Courtesy of SwissMiss
  • Blog Post: Steve Ballmer signs a Mac

    My bet is this shows up on eBay pretty soon. I assume it’s running Windows 7 right? Photos of the resulting MBP are online too
  • Blog Post: Ideas in the shower?

    yeah, me too….we need one of these :)
  • Blog Post: Catching the bus

    For my friends in Thames Valley Park, Reading. courtesy of ReflectionOf.Me
  • Blog Post: Your country needs Goo

    Lovin’ the new Cadbury’s Creme Egg site . the countdown is on and in the meantime, you can watch some of their classic ads! They also have a pretty cool new campaign called Your Country Needs Goo .
  • Blog Post: Phone humour

  • Blog Post: Geek humour

    via GeekandPoke
  • Blog Post: MoreNewMath

    A few of my favourites from this brilliant site .
  • Blog Post: Who switched the Internet off?

  • Blog Post: Lego Matrix

      Brilliant. Falls in to the category of “too much time on their hands” but frankly, if more people with time on their hands did work this good, the phrase would have a better name :) via @jackschofield
  • Blog Post: Pleo is back

    Good to see me old mucker Pleo is back in action after a near death experience. Order online at   I was actually hoping he would disappear for a few years and become my pension fund as I have a pristine unit locked up under my staircase. I feed him regularly though so no need to...
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