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  • Blog Post: Error messages

    Though I've stopped using MetroTwit for the moment due to memory issues, I do love the attention to detail Long and the team are putting in to this thing. The error message above made me smile...that's what software should. Delight and surprise even when there is a problem. ps – I know strictly speaking...
  • Blog Post: You know you have a cult following when…

    ….when you can create a limited edition version of your product. And it’s a hoover. This is the Dyson DC25 BluePrint Limited Edition which I came across whilst researching vacuum cleaners this weekend (don’t ask). I admire James Dyson as he’s revolutionised an industry and branches out nicely in to the...
  • Blog Post: Have an emoticon shower

    I’d never get away with hanging this in our new apartment – the style police would (rightfully) remove it and call the real police. I can’t help liking it though – maybe a Christmas present for my parents who continue to be baffled by some of me Internet language. I remember the first time I saw a smiley...
  • Blog Post: Zeal Goggles

    Very cool tech from Zeal – embedding a GPS and head mounted display. You get to see speed, altitude, temp, time and a vertical odometer amongst other things. I don’t even snowboard (yet) and I know I need this :) As a friend of mine once said when taking up golf “you need to rule out the poor performance...
  • Blog Post: Web Invaders

    Just to confirm I don’t see the world entirely through a Microsoft lens, I found this brilliant Web Invaders application Adobe’s Business Catalyst site recently. Too good not to share.  
  • Blog Post: Memory fades to grey

    [Fernanda B. Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, and Kate Hollenbach] Last month, Gizmodo did a great set of posts on the future of memory . Two that I enjoyed were This Is the Cloud- Inside Microsoft's Secret Stealth Data Centers and Microsoft’s Sensecam (which I have a long history with). A few other great...
  • Blog Post: The geek in me loves Retro Gamers

    A stunning video PIXELS: Retro Gamers from addwork The geek in me loves this video…hope you do too. I only wish I was 5% as creative as folks like this.
  • Blog Post: Star Wars humour

    Brilliant. catch a few more from Stefan via likecool
  • Blog Post: Ingenious new USB cable

      Hot on the heels of the UK folding plug comes Gonglue Jiang’s USB cable concept – a USB cable that incorporates both male and female ports hence allowing you to daisy chain your USB devices. Obviously this wouldn’t work too well with powered USB devices. The design is a little too Apple influenced...
  • Blog Post: Clever tube

    love it…via
  • Blog Post: Comic Sans humour

    ho ho ho…
  • Blog Post: The App magnet wars

    Fridge magnets from Jailbreak Toys – quite cute and they reminded me of some similar magnets I bought about 11 years ago at the now defunct Microsoft Store in San Francisco. hat tip to LikeCool
  • Blog Post: Get your Inbox to Zero

    Not a badge I’ll be getting anytime soon. Vis Swissmiss and I noticed Mr Holmes spotted it too.
  • Blog Post: A geek says sorry

    $3.75 for the geeks amongst us
  • Blog Post: Wifi Branding

    Any geek worth their salt can translate this icon in to wifi speeds for you at the drop of a hat. It’s crazy though…why do we subject consumers to logos this this on a consumer product? Seriously, who gives a crap if it’s a, b, g, or n….you may as well say slowest, slow, fast, fastest. The only benefit...
  • Blog Post: Ideas in the shower?

    yeah, me too….we need one of these :)
  • Blog Post: Laptop use

    Evidently position #2 is the least stressful way to use your laptop – I can only image this laptop comes with Velcro attachments to strap on to your thighs? Seriously, any sefl respecting geek knows that the position offered in #2 is just useless. via ReflectionOfMe
  • Blog Post: Where are all the phones?

      [image credit: ] Surprising stat I read in this months edition of Wired UK – the number of phone booths remaining in Manhattan? 4…wow 4!!! I suppose that shows the scale of the mobile phone epidemic but I was surprised it was that low. I used a public phone booth...
  • Blog Post: Datacenter in a suitcase

    Datacenters are all the rage at the moment – here is one I found in a suitcase earlier today. Not by the side of the road though, I found it on Dave Ohara’s blog. This suitcase packs a datacenter punch though with two servers running dual-core, 2.5 GHz Intel processors (Harpertown), 32 GB of memory,...
  • Blog Post: How Starbucks won me back

    Simple – I clearly value good Wi-Fi over good coffee. Well, sometimes. I signed up to the Free Wi-Fi scheme with Starbucks last week when I had a few hours in the City and needed wifi. I could have gone to Caffe Nero who serve up the best high street coffee in my opinion but their Wi-Fi rates are ridiculous...
  • Blog Post: Hammering a flexible screen

    When I show the Microsoft 2019 video I often get asked how realistic some of the technology is – in particular things like the digital newspaper that is shown. Well, they’re not as far away as you may think and whilst some of the examples in that video use microprojectors rather than screens, Samsung...
  • Blog Post: The original IBM Think pad

    The original IBM Think pad…apparently these pads were issued at IBM years back and you can now buy a replica (not leather sadly) from the IBM logo store courtesy of A Continuous Lean
  • Blog Post: Stuff you need to know

    I always wondered how a sewing machine worked. Now I know…if I could have something similar for internal combustion engine and vinyl records that’d be great. thanks.. courtesy of swissmiss
  • Blog Post: The best 404 ever?

      Clever – courtesy of Give Up Internet
  • Blog Post: Coffee and cables

    I took this a while back whilst squatting in an office on our Redmond campus. The worlds shortest Ethernet cable. What would you use something of this length for? Routing?
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