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  • Blog Post: Trouble in the valley

    I really just wanted to share this great image from the NY Times today though the story it supports is pretty compelling too. The PR statements are priceless and a battle built on emotion as the NYT suggests this one is means not all decisions will be rational. Should be intriguing to watch. One piece...
  • Blog Post: Changing perception on release cycles

      Steve Levy’s article in last months Wired US, How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web is a fascinating read. It gives a great insight in to how Google works and just how much happens the moment after you enter a search term and hit the enter key. There are a number of references to Bing in there...
  • Blog Post: Cheat sheet: Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo

      Nick Bilton/The New York Times A great chart from Nick Bilton in the NY Times today that shows which businesses Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo are in. What surprised me most is that only one row is unticked for Microsoft. We’re in a lot of business, some we do well in, others we have plenty...
  • Blog Post: Google is an Internet company…

    A pretty thought provoking post from Marc yesterday on Google, the Nexus One launch and the future of Google itself. There is a lot of hyperbole around Google, Apple, Android – some of it merited, some of it not but hey, it sells papers….or blogs. The iPhone and Nexus One are both fine looking devices...
  • Blog Post: Those Google Chrome billboards

    Unless you’ve been walking around the UK with your eyes closed for the last month you will probably have seen a Google Chrome advert on a billboard somewhere. Well, you may not have known that is what you’re looking at but it’s very likely you have passed one by. That’s my point though….these billboards...
  • Blog Post: Google dashboard

    A short video that I think is designed to be instructional but also shows you just how much Google stores about you .
  • Blog Post: Google, now in printers

    Google is of course a very big competitor of Microsoft so whilst I don’t go out of my way promoting their products, I do watch their evolution closely. Fascinating to see them embedded in an HP printer…software really is the magic sauce.
  • Blog Post: Google Street View

    I’ve got to hand it to Google, this is a great ad for Street View
  • Blog Post: Google’s Opt Out Village

    Too funny – from The Onion
  • Blog Post: Google as a roommate

    Too funny not to share hat tip to SwissMiss
  • Blog Post: Google vs. Bing

    Been a while since we had a Microsoft/Google cartoon from Hugh. In relation to The Register story
  • Blog Post: Google Classic

    I can’t remember where I found this…I suppose I could search for it :)
  • Blog Post: Google Releases Google Mobile for Windows Mobile

      Wow that’s quite a mouthful. Try saying that after a few glasses of wine….i did and it wasn’t pretty. Nevertheless, good to see the folks at Google release their mobile app for Windows Mobile Try it out by downloading it from on your (Windows) mobile phone…though I just did...
  • Blog Post: It Happens To The Best Of Us

      This is supposed to happen to us, not Google. What next, BSOD on billboards? Kudos to Jack
  • Blog Post: Will Twitter Knock Google Off Its Perch?

    [image credit: Wired] I doubt it….but the meme is growing I first saw a blog post written last week when it was tweeted (of course) by pointing to Google's First Real Threat? Twitter. Today Silicon Alley Insider posted a similar but longer version entitled Google Next Victim Of Creative Destruction...
  • Blog Post: Google Talks Software plus Services

    Great stuff, GMail goes offline and endorses the Software plus Services approach. I couldn't have said it better myself really. Well, maybe I can as this approach it viable for more than just email…see below for what is Software plus Services . Seriously, this is how people want to work and it’s good...
  • Blog Post: Uses Of Google

    Made me smile this morning – the yellow bar should piece of the pie should definitely be bigger..and the blue is a little unfair to say the least! Hat tip to GraphJam
  • Blog Post: Google Heading Up The Mountain With Linux Desktop

    I followed this title “ The Google Linux desktop has arrived ” from PopURL’s this morning expecting details of a new Google OS and was disappointed to read this opening gambit. Google has been slowly, but surely, displacing Microsoft as the number one PC technology company. Google has done it by misdirection...
  • Blog Post: Google Reader Still Tops

    I enter 2009 still a big fan of Google Reader and wish Microsoft would come up with something to compete. I agree with Eileen that it’s still the best tool for the job and until there is something from our stable to compete it’ll continue as my way to whizz through hundreds of feeds and uses smart keys...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft & Google: Datacenters on Different Paths

    Last week Mike Manos posted a blog entry and video on Generation 4 datacenters from Microsoft. This short TechNet EDGE video with Christian Belady and David Gauthier goes in to some more detail on these revolutionary datacenters. They talk through some obvious questions like what happens when it snows...
  • Blog Post: The Evilometer

    [image Getty] I’m not claiming MSFT are Saints but this made me laugh in Wired this month - Hooking Google to the Evil Meter Wired has some of the ratings too from philanthropic to censorship.
  • Blog Post: Google has plants in New York

    I saw them with my own eyes…on 9th Ave.
  • Blog Post: Building Google's second-largest business

    Many observers agree that Google is really in one business and whether we call it advertising or search they’re one and the same from a revenue perspective. By contrast, Steve Ballmer has talked recently about Microsoft’s success at building several multibillion dollar software businesses and how long...
  • Blog Post: Will changes to Google's food perks impact productivity?

      I read the ValleyWag post regarding Google's food perks on the chopping block last week and was surprised one obvious angle didn’t come up – as the workforce has less reason to stay and work late, does productivity go down? Same goes for Microsoft where I’ve seen less people stay late as the workforce...
  • Blog Post: goes mobile with Google Gears

    I’ve got to take my hat off to Google and Lastminute for the use of Gears and location awareness to make a fantastically useful site. I just tested on my HTC S620 (which doesn’t have GPS) and it located me in Chiswick through cell ID and showed me local restaurants. I can’t wait to test...
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