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  • Blog Post: The processor is an expression of human potential

    spotted in Vegas…one Hugh MacLeod, looking well, drawing brilliantly and quick witted as ever. Hats off to Intel for nabbing him for the show ! as for The processor is an expression of human potential – it’s created a ton of jobs, wealth and amazing things so I can’t disagree with that. Tweet
  • Blog Post: The Infinite Loop I Like

    My friend Hugh nails it. Again… I’ve been less sure about this loop myself this week but new job, new world so making slower progress around the loop right now. I’ll get there :) Tweet
  • Blog Post: The new rules of marketing

    Most folks reading this will know them already. Most of you will probably have already read them on Hugh’s blog so I post them here to help burn them in to my own brain more than anything. I’ve only posted the headline and the full text of my favourite so I’d highly recommend going to the source for...
  • Blog Post: Change the world…

    I just bought a framed version of Hugh’s latest print. Too good not to…and at 40% off today I got a bargain. You can too by entering ONLY PEOPLE at checkout from the gallery . for more of this subscribe to Hugh's Daily Cartoon
  • Blog Post: Hugh on geeks

    One of my favourites from my pal Hugh…and very timely for me as I head to Seattle on Saturday. Hugh’s words that went with this in his daily email connected well for me.   Having spent so many years either in or around geek culture, I am often surprised when I meet people who dread the future. While...
  • Blog Post: Business is change…

    Another classic from Hugh today…I may even have to add this to my (growing) collection.
  • Blog Post: Mediocrity

    another beauty from Hugh . Don’t waste your talent. Mediocrity sucks.
  • Blog Post: Stressing Out

    I was tempted to be stressed out a lot over the last few days but decided against it. It never helps (though I did get a bit frazzled when a lady from Eurostar told me I was *lucky* to have a seat in their train)…the adage I try to work with these days is control the controllabes. Everything else is...
  • Blog Post: Cube Grenades still going strong

    I love these badges for for psfk that my pal Hugh has created. Miniature “Cube Grenades” indeed…now, how do I get a few given I’m not able to attend the PSK conference for which they have been designed. anyone going?
  • Blog Post: Success breeds contempt?

  • Blog Post: Corporate Life

    All depends on the corporate I’d say. Have I found a Hugh cartoon I don’t agree with…looks like it :)
  • Blog Post: Life is too short…

    I just bought this serigraph from my buddy Hugh MacLeod’s gallery for the bargain price of $65. ( Half price until 5pm on Friday). $50 for shipping to the UK plus I ordered with the white frame so it cost a bit more in the end but I like this one. It’s sort of Blue Monster -ish. I also just got a hold...
  • Blog Post: Legacy

  • Blog Post: Die Trying

    One of my recent favourites from Hugh. As Mr Miyagi would say, there is no “maybe” when doing something. it’s Yes. Or No.
  • Blog Post: New Hugh cards

    Just ordered myself some new biz cards for Christmas. Streetcards has a tonne of new cards up from Hugh
  • Blog Post: History of the Internet

    courtesy of Hugh
  • Blog Post: MacLeod

    Two of my favourites from Hugh of late. He’s still out there…doing his thang but sadly sounds like he will not be at Le Web this year. Bummer :(
  • Blog Post: Hugh hits F5

    Two points of note about my buddy Hugh He’s now offering frames for his beautiful prints . Reminds me I need to get some of my growing collection framed His blog has a whole new look. Been I while since I went there but it reminded me I’m due for a refresh too. Anyone out there with good CSS skills interested...
  • Blog Post: Gapingvoid Cube Grenade

    One of my favourite images from Hugh arrived this week at Chez Clayton in the form of a Cube Grenade . Beautifully packaged on arrival it now looks great on my new shelving unit though will get its own frame soon. I love the idea of cube grenades and would love a few die cut images of my favourite Hugh...
  • Blog Post: Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity

      Several people I know are publishing books this year and the first to cross my desk as a reviewers copy is Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity . This book has hopefully prepared me well for the others as I found it’s very hard to objectively review a book that you...
  • Blog Post: Thinking Digital: The Future Belongs To The Geeks…

    Ironic that my pal Hugh MacLeod isn’t here at Thinking Digital in Newcastle this week – I tried to get him to come along but West Texas is too much fun it seems :) I have a draft of his book with me and came across one of my favourite cartoons in it. Perfect for the next dew days at Thinking Digital
  • Blog Post: Gapingvoid Galley Goes Live

    My buddy Hugh MacLeod mentioned to me last week he had a new project he was about to reveal and today it’s live. Hugh has finally opened a gallery of his prints - – where you can now buy his work. I say finally as within a few months of meeting Hugh I was badgering him...
  • Blog Post: Create Or Die

    Looks like Hugh is back in the groove
  • Blog Post: The Sex and Cash Theory

    Ignore Everybody is the title of my pal Hugh MacLeod’s new book . I’m sorta surprised he didn’t get the publishers ready to roll it out at SXSW this week but I suppose that’s publishing for you. It takes time to cut down trees and such. You can get a bit of a head start on the book though with two PDF...
  • Blog Post: Valentines: by Hugh MacLeod

    Happy Valentines courtesy of my pal Hugh MacLeod .    
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