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  • Blog Post: I’m a copper

    nice plagiarism – made me smile to see the Met Police having some fun with the Microsoft Windows campaign :)
  • Blog Post: Retro PC

    That’s a pretty retro looking PC - the Philco PC redesigned by SchultzeWORKS and was inspired by the 1950’s Philco Predicta . Not really my cup of tea as I’m more of a Vaio X man but fun to look at.
  • Blog Post: New Windows 7 advert

      Kylie’s back :) I'm A PC and more happy is coming
  • Blog Post: Behind the Scenes of Microsoft’s Laptop Hunters ads

    Laptop Hunters - Behind the Scenes Huh…when did this one show up? Today I think….an interesting look at how those Laptop Hunters ads came to be. Evidently the participants had no idea they were in a Microsoft commercial until the cash was handed over.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft’s next Laptop Hunters ad: Lauren and Sue

    Video: Laptop Hunters $1700 – Lauren and Sue get a Dell XPS 13   The latest in the Laptop Hunters series . Speed, portability and battery life leads them to a Dell   “With just $1700 to spend and a little help from Mom, Lauren finds her perfect laptop—a portable and speedy Dell with a battery...
  • Blog Post: Sheila: Microsoft’s Latest Laptop Hunter

    Video: Laptop Hunters $2000 – Sheila gets an HP HDX   I’ve been checking regularly to see when the next instalment of Laptop Hunters would arrive and here it is – Sheila. She’s A PC, an artist and values a machine with over 2GB and a honkin’ graphics card. In short. Sheila is fierce :) For the record...
  • Blog Post: I’m A PC stickers landing all over

          Maybe I’m A confused PC from the guys at EMC/Conchango :) thanks to @poleydee . If you want to add your own photos you can now post them to the Flickr group   Not got a sticker from the distribution team and want one? Check out the distribution plan or try to bribe me via email...
  • Blog Post: What To Expect From The Next Microsoft Ads

    I’m patiently waiting for the next ad in the Laptop Hunters series from Microsoft. I really like this set of ads…they’re short, sharp, witty and clearly getting under Apple’s skin. Nice to see the tables turned. Whilst I was waiting and refreshing the new Windows site a few days ago I thought about the...
  • Blog Post: The Apple Tax

    The Apple Tax document has generated a tonne of posts this weekend from luminaries such as Mary Jo , Ina Fried , Harry McCracken , and Joe Wilcox . Most have pointed to the poor math in the report with The Register accusing Microsoft of cheating. Chill out people…those I’m A Mac ads have been full of...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft’s 3rd Laptop Hunter Ad

    This time Sony wins out in the quest for speed, a big hard drive and a good gaming computer. Interesting that it’s in YouTube (and Soapbox ) before the site. Not as much Apple trash talk in this on either…apart from Lisa saying “these are way more money dude” and “these are pretty” about...
  • Blog Post: Windows Rookies Ads: UK Edition

    Video: Lewis, Age 5 Whilst the US campaign has shifted to Laptop Hunters , our team here in the UK has launched their own series of Windows Rookies ads . I thought Kylie was terrific but these kids have pukka UK accents and Lewis is quite the dude . I spent an hour this morning filling envelopes with...
  • Blog Post: I’m A PC Stickers: The Distribution Plan

    Okay…a day later than I expected to post this but I’ve been thinking through how I equitably distribute the 10,000 I’m A PC stickers I have come in to ownership of. Stickers are fantastic viral media or social objects as my friend Hugh calls them so I’m keen to activate them in this way and get wide...
  • Blog Post: New Microsoft Laptop Hunter Ad: Giampaolo

      Giampaolo looks for a high-spec laptop that's up to his standards and under $1500 Money line “I don’t wanna pay for the brand, I wanna pay for the computer”
  • Blog Post: Did Lauren Choose The Right PC?

    I had a bad feeling as I read Todd Bishop’s post this morning on the “Lauren” ad and whether she chose the right machine under the circumstances. I was thinking "”uh oh…specs look similar….don’t let me get to the bottom and find a similar price”. I was wrong…I was astonished actually at the margin...
  • Blog Post: Lets Take Another Look at Those Gates/Seinfeld Ads

    Video: Shoe Circus I did this recently with a friend and we laughed our asses off…they didn’t seem that funny the first time around. Maybe after all the launch hoopla died down and I watched them just for what they are they worked. Seriously, call me a fanboy (I AM) but these are actually pretty damn...
  • Blog Post: New Microsoft Ad: Laptop Hunters

    Video: Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion I pal showed this to me yesterday whilst here on Microsoft Campus – and today it went public. Next stage of the Crispin Porter + Bogusky effect. I’m LOVING the new laptop hunters site to accompany this. Clean, elegant and simple. ….and finally...
  • Blog Post: More Windows Rookies

    Video: The Rookies: 7 vs 70 7 vs 70 8 vs 80 9 vs 90
  • Blog Post: New Microsoft Ad: I’m A PC and I’m 7

    Video: The Rookies: Alexa, Age 7 Next up in the Rookies campaign is 7 year old Alexa who shows you how easy is it to create a panoramic photo – actually one of the coolest and remarkably well hidden features of Windows Live Photo Gallery . And it’s FREE! Hat tip to Joe Tartakoff at SeattlePI   sidenote...
  • Blog Post: Kylie Does I’m A PC

    Video: Kylie Not that Kylie but this 4 and a half year old who shows us Windows Live Photo Gallery. Part of The Rookies series and the next instalment of the the Crispin Porter & Bogusky campaign. nice find by Liveside and now showing on
  • Blog Post: I’m A PC Stickers

    I periodically review what search terms bring people to my blog and it continues to surprise me that a search for I’m A PC Stickers is pretty high up the list. I can only conclude people are looking for advice on ways to remove these things from their PC :) Seriously…for years I have said that stickers...
  • Blog Post: I’m A PC Hits Liverpool

    I’m just back from a great week back at home with family in Liverpool and the place is looking great as it winds down it’s year as European Capital of Culture. Matt has mentioned the rather large I’m A PC installation in the city and I came across it a few nights ago when driving through the city centre...
  • Blog Post: New UK I’m A PC Advert

    Video: Real PC - UK UGC ad Going out tonight on the telly I hear. I was pleased to see plenty of billboards of I’m A PC ads when I was back home in Liverpool last weekend
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Goes Guerilla In Birmingham

      [image credit AppleInsider ] Surprisingly we’re not talking Birmingham, Mass here – we’re talking Birmingham, West Midlands. My pal Karl would be proud of this guerilla action is his old neighbourhood. Some my say it’s a prank but I think this stuff is long overdue. I was in the US last week and...
  • Blog Post: Get your I’m a PC badge & stickers

    I’m bringing a number of these as stickers to PDC. If you see me, stop me and grab one. Meantime you can grab these by right click and “Save As”
  • Blog Post: I’m A PC: Free Themepack for Live Messenger

    Does what it says on the tin :) Very cool Hat tip to Frosty
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