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  • Blog Post: What’s in my sack?

    I was inspired by Hugh’s recent post on his portable studio , I got thinking about what I carry around every day – what are the tools of my trade? My main use bag is the Rapha backpack from the legendary cycling company. The build quality of their stuff is second to none and this bag is...
  • Blog Post: How is your OOF?

    My pal Ewan Dalton wrote a post on the etymology of the OOF way back in 2004 on the Exchange blog . He explains that OOF was a command used in the days of Microsoft’s Xenix mail system, which set a user as ‘Out of Facility’ - i.e. Out of the Office. The OOF is  a very common tool of business and...
  • Blog Post: Voting in the digital age

    The UK went to the polls today and the image above (from Bing UK ) shows how pretty much all of us voted. Whilst I like the nostalgia of the fact we still vote this way, it did strike me as rather odd that in the digital age not only were we still voting with a pencil but the process was also being tracked...
  • Blog Post: Bank Holidays link to cricket unmasked

    [photo from ECB ] Hands up who knew that Bank Holiday’s had a connection to cricket? I have no doubt my friend JP Rangaswami knew this but I certainly didn’t. I’ve been meaning to looking in to the etymology of Bank Holidays for a while and finally got around to it. It turns out (in the UK at least)...
  • Blog Post: Little things make a big difference

    I bought a great new t-shirt from Shawn Stussy’s new shop last week – when I opened the package the shirt had this attached. Nice touch Shawn :) The little things make a big difference
  • Blog Post: Marketing & good marketing are not the same

    This statement for me is the difference between marketing and good marketing Here’s What [My Product] Will Do For You All part of The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Marketing from CopyBlogger. It struck me as I read this that far too many products, Microsoft included, tell you what they do. Subtly different...
  • Blog Post: 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea

    I was looking for precisely this earlier today – pictures of the new “Starbucks” in Seattle. 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea is their new store that doesn’t have their globally executed store look and feel and goes for a much more bohemian look. joshc has some great photos on Flickr and his blog post
  • Blog Post: Bathtub V

    Bathtub V from Keith Loutit on Vimeo . I’m not a port spotter or anything but this video is just super cool. By Keith Loutit
  • Blog Post: Remembering Pan Am

    Andy Sernovitz mentions the power of a great brand though I think in the case of Pan Am it may be the power of a great logo that means you can still buy souvenirs 18 years since they ceased trading. My first ever transatlantic flight was on a Pam Am jumbo to California back in 1988. 3 weeks of fun in...
  • Blog Post: Favourite Videos

    Love the song, love the video, love the message. Rock on.
  • Blog Post: The Porsche Hack

    Totally off topic for me but I found this piece on How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing sad, fascinating and educational. thanks to Sharon for the find.  [image credit: Porsche ]
  • Blog Post: The Public Is A Lot Smarter Than Anyone Gives It Credit For

      Quote from Philippe de Montebello director of the Metropolitan Museum in New York in a great article titled The Age Of Mass Intelligence from More Intelligent Life . One of the longest but best posts I have read in a long time with some interesting gems about how popular culture has become more...
  • Blog Post: Plane Words

    Hat tip to Eileen Brown for highlighting this very cool video. Worrying, but cool.
  • Blog Post: Hat Tipping

    I do a lot if it here on my blog but I now I’m going to hat tip a hat tip – I was delighted to hear Ray Ozzie say this in his PDC Day 1 Keynote last week "I'd like to tip my hat to Jeff Bezos and Amazon for their innovation and for the fact that across the industry all of us are going to be standing...
  • Blog Post: Unsolicited Feedback is a beautiful thing

    This morning in my inbox I got an unsolicited email form a fellow Microsoft employee – here’s what they said   Hi Steve, We have never met, but I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank for investing time in your blog. I am an avid reader and a grateful fan cheers   Beautiful. It got my...
  • Blog Post: 100 Up

    I covered 100 miles with my Nike+ today…obviously not just today :) By 200 miles I want my average pace down to 8:30
  • Blog Post: Columbia Road

    Best photo I’ve taken in a while. Columbia Road flower market this morning around 9am!
  • Blog Post: A Rest In The Park

  • Blog Post: Pixel couch

    love it. would go with the nasty curtains in my new pad but not sure Anna would approve :) courtesy of swissmiss (again)
  • Blog Post: Can I borrow your 612?

    Should you decide you have some spare cash then I’d really quite like one of these please. If not, I’d be happy to just borrow one for a weekend. I promise to clean my room and wash it before I give it back to you. Promise.
  • Blog Post: 8 random facts about me

    My buddy Frank Arrigo tagged me a week or so ago for 8 random facts. Here we go:   My first job was a paper round where I earned around £7 per week My favourite sport at school was originally the long jump I still have my first Microsoft PC – a Toshiba Tecra I think. Had about 20 since...
  • Blog Post: Back on the grid

    What a day – 10 hours ago we started packing a van with all our worldly goods and now' we’ve landed – albeit about a quarter mile down the road from where we lived. Our new place has so much space by comparison….though it doesn’t feel that way right now with boxes everywhere...
  • Blog Post: Moving continues

    My 1000th Flickr image . Quite apt. That’s my signed Liverpool shirt heading out the door….
  • Blog Post: A Day Of Free Stuff

    Hot on the heels of Chris Anderson's Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business post at Wired comes TrendWatching's latest report " Free Love ". FREE LOVE: the ongoing rise of free, valuable stuff that's available to consumers online and offline. From AirAsia tickets to Wikipedia, and from diapers...
  • Blog Post: If Online Marketing Is the Future, Why Are Some CMOs Stuck in the Past?

      Wharton had some great articles and this is one of my recent favourites . It starts with this: Americans spend an average of 14 hours a week online and 14 hours watching TV. But marketers spend 22% of their advertising dollars on TV and only 6% online, according to data compiled and analyzed by...
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