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  • Blog Post: The Sartorialist is one of my heroes

    when your hobby becomes your job, you'll never work another day in your life. I've gotten pretty close to has The Sartorialist (albeit he's a bit more famous). I’ve decided to pick up my camera and start to shoot more of Microsoft and my travels. Some of it will appear here, some...
  • Blog Post: Wonderful composite video

    Lovely work from GE and similar from Nike hat tip to FlowingData Tweet
  • Blog Post: Sir Ken Robinson gets animated

    Tweet Sir Ken is a remarkable chap – a gifted speaker, author and he hails from Liverpool. That last bit isn’t remarkable but it does mean he tells a good joke along the way. These RSA animations are amazing (i have previously posted the Steven Johnson one ) and none are better than this. It takes in...
  • Blog Post: State of the art is a temporary state

    A great ad by Nokia from a few years back. Wow, things change quickly eh? This was only 3 years ago…the state of the art really is temporary. The video still holds true in many way but some of the sites in there (and lack of them – Twitter) show how fast things now change and how quickly we forget. via...
  • Blog Post: The best use of 20 minutes of your time this year

    Almost 4 years old this is one of the best talks by one of the best speakers you’re likely to see. and it’s free…thank you TED for these gifts. Sir Ken really is 
  • Blog Post: Are you a hero?

      be a hero – thanks to Michael for the link if you can help me edit the embed code to make this video not autoplay you’d be a real hero :)
  • Blog Post: One year in 90 seconds

    needs no explanation. via
  • Blog Post: The year of technology invention

    Another variant of the Did You Know video. hat tip to Mel
  • Blog Post: Did You Know?

    Love this new Did You Know video
  • Blog Post: Insane, Brave? You decide

    thanks to Doug for the link
  • Blog Post: The versatility of Lego

    Is there anything more versatile than Lego? Here’s what you can do with 1500 hours on your hands and a lot of it…. 8 bit trip by Daniel Larsson (music) and Tomas Redigh (animation).
  • Blog Post: The Man Who Walked Around the World

    A fabulous video and story about Johnnie Walker starring Robert Caryle. Evidently it was shot in a single shoot (albeit over 40 attempts) Why is the Johnnie Walker bottle square? Why is the label at 24 degrees? Watch the video to find the answers and more… Oh and for my friend Mr Marutiak, trust me…...
  • Blog Post: 2 new Software plus Services videos

    Together Anywhere A new Software plus Services video crossed by my browser today and it sits alongside the other dimly lit, moody video Overnight Success video that has been around since the PDC last year. This video takes more of a consumer look at things and even shows a (theoretical) video camera...
  • Blog Post: Olympus Pen

    Everyone is doing stop motion right now….this is one of my favourites. Olympus PEN which harks back to the 1959 heritage of the PEN. Wired has an excellent review of the camera itself and it sounds as terrific as it looks. For now though I’m sticking with my Leica D-LUX 3
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