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  • Blog Post: Vista (RED) Goes Beyond Dell

      Previously available only on certain Dell (RED) PC’s, you can now get Windows Vista Ultimate (RED) as a standalone package. $219.95 but sadly not available in the UK…for students the deal is even better at $64.95 via The Ultimate Steal website. What’s the (RED) all about? Find out more Hat tip...
  • Blog Post: Dreamscene scene

    Sarah has tracked down some cool new Dreamscene content for Vista. Though I’m not a big user of Dreamscene, I’m a big fan of black so I’m  currently downloading the one above .
  • Blog Post: Indexer Status Gadget for Vista

    I just read the latest post on the engineering (Windows) 7 blog and it was one close to my heart. Indexing in Vista is a great asset but also something I’ve tweaked to ensure it doesn't adversely affect the performance of my machine. You can get lots of details in the post about the who and why of indexing...
  • Blog Post: Tweaking My Vista

    [image credit Tweak Guides] As a Microsoft guy I should probably think twice before linking to a post titled Vista Annoyances Resolved   but I have to admit I found a couple of useful tips in here. I pride myself on being a tweak freak and eking out every last ounce of performance from my machine...
  • Blog Post: Running Vista? Get Windows Search 4.0

    If you’re using Vista, make sure you installed Windows Search 4.0 – trust me, it’s worth it. I suspect some folks may have been unsure whether to install this as they weren’t sure if it was Windows Desktop Search or an update to the search technology in Vista (I was confused for a while). The answer...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft’s next Mojave act

    The much discussed Mojave Experiment site got an update today with a features demo, additional videos and an FAQ. Despite the accusation that it makes customers appear dumb I think it does address a common situation I find – namely that people are forming views about Vista based on hearsay . This is...
  • Blog Post: Office Labs Releases Speed Launch

    Speed Launch is an application launcher that extends the functionality and usability of Windows by giving users quick access to the documents, files, and websites they use most often. Off to check it out as I think it could be very useful for web pages I user over and over as well as applications. Check...
  • Blog Post: Getting Mojave’ed

    from GeekandPoke
  • Blog Post: Essential Downloads for Vista

    In my final post on Vista today and just to please @dahowlett - Essential Downloads for Vista - another great find from Sarah – where does she find the time? :)
  • Blog Post: Vista’s full court press

    Video: Windows Vista Demo: Instant Search Not content with Mojave, the Vista team are pushing out some videos showing in simple terms some of the cool features of Vista. I’m liking this back to basics approach.
  • Blog Post: Vista Mojave adverts

    Looks like the Vista team is keen to make the most of the Mojave site with ads now appearing on sites like Valleywag . Hat tip to James and Anand
  • Blog Post: The "Mojave Experiment" is live

    The "Mojave Experiment" – I’m impressed. So were they. Be sure to click on “You can’t please everyone” and check out The Facts
  • Blog Post: Vista Mojave teaser
  • Blog Post: Microsoft to draw a Vista line in the Mojave sand?

    [image credit - Rui Curado Silva ] Does the answer to Vista lie in the desert? Brad Brooks talked at the Worldwide Partner Conference about drawing a line in the sand and maybe this is what he was referring to. I was fascinated by a post from Ian Fried at CNET today on Mojave . Here it is in nutshell...
  • Blog Post: Vista: you’ve come a long way baby

    Okay, so Vista wasn’t a hit when it arrived but things are changing and as Ed Bott points out the campaign is just beginning to surface. The ad above goes to “Windows Vista: Look how far we’ve come.” which then offers this When Windows Vista debuted in January 2007, we declared it the best operating...
  • Blog Post: Crowdsourcing Vista

    I’ve been watching Long’s efforts with UX Taskforce all week and even commented on one post that mentioned my monitor setup at home. I noticed Charles Arthur covered in The Guardian last week with “ The guy who's trying to fix Vista from the outside in" . I have to take my hat off to Long as I think...
  • Blog Post: How I use Windows Vista

      I blogged last week about getting Microsoft staff talking more about Microsoft and our work. Maybe we should get our customers to shoot the videos. I like this one too
  • Blog Post: Two great Vista posts

    I enjoyed Matt’s recent blog post on “ The Vista Schoolyard Bullies ” where he analyses some of the Mac/PC propaganda and provides some very good thoughts on why Vista gets a rough ride. I’m not saying you should all switch to Vista immediately but for a dose of reality about some of the negative media...
  • Blog Post: Vista goes pink

    Microsoft Japan takes a new approach to Vista – pinkifying it! spotted by Long
  • Blog Post: Sony bows to the public

    Good on Sony in the first place for offering to liberate laptops of their bloatware and second good on ‘em for listening to customers who said charging $50 for the privilege was outrageous. I first saw this on The Guardian blog and sighed. So near yet so far I thought but hats off to Sony. They...
  • Blog Post: Dell PRODUCT (RED), XPS One Now Available in UK

      Dell PRODUCT (RED), XPS One Now Available in U.K., France and Germany - Direct2Dell - The Official Dell blog Do I bit the bullet and buy one as I said I would or will I struggle to get it pas the gadget police? Hmmm…..anyone know where I can see one in the UK?? Richard@DELL are you out there...
  • Blog Post: Vista SP1 released

    Finally Windows Vista SP1 is iout there and available to all via Windows Update. Check out Nick White's post on the Windows Vista Team Blog which has more details and an update on the drivers situation. As Nick notes, the "standalone installer" is available from the Microsoft Download Centre...
  • Blog Post:

    This is one of those Microsoft websites that springs up that you never hear about. Nice design, good content and worthy of a spot on if you ask me (they didn't). is built by the Vista Ultimate team to showcase what people are doign with their PC's and help customers get the...
  • Blog Post: Sony nixes bloatware and trialware

    With both my Vaio SZ and TZ I wiped them clean on arrival and built them from the ground up with Vista Ultimate. It was a total nightmare getting all the drivers and some of the more useful 3rd party software reinstalled (e.g. WinDVD). Now, finally, the Windows OEM's are delivering naked machines which...
  • Blog Post: (RED)MOND

    This is what greeted me this morning when I pulled in for an early meeting in Bld 121 on the Redmond campus. Nice :)
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