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  • Blog Post: Christmas social media logos

    Loving these Christmas logos from ReflectionOf.Me
  • Blog Post: Web service paperbacks

    Hot on the heels of Albums re-imagined as Penguin Classics I love these retro Vintage Web Service Non-Paperback Paperbacks
  • Blog Post: Social media makes you fitter

      well it would for me if I followed this easy workout plan :) Every time you check out one of these sites you do the requisite exercises….wow, that’d have me buff in days. Hours even!! from Patrick Moberg
  • Blog Post: Microsoft and next gen newspapers

      [image credit Nieman Journalism Lab via SeattlePI ] The image above was part of Microsoft’s submission last week regarding the future of newspapers. Sarah Perez mentioned that the Newspaper Association of America asked for ideas from companies who had experience in helping online publishers monetize...
  • Blog Post: 10 Levels of Intimacy in Communication

    I saw this over on Marc’s site   and wasn’t sure if they were in some kind of order. Personally, I’d put letter right up there after talking. In this digital, high speed age there is still something very intimate and comforting about a letter. Perhaps it’s because you actually have to take time...
  • Blog Post: How does the Internet see you? Get your online persona calculated

      I’m having a lot of fun with Aaron Zinman's Personas . Zinman is a PhD student in MIT's Sociable Media Group and has produced an addictive natural language processing application to create your online persona in something that looks like a DNA strip. The outcome is questionable based on a few...
  • Blog Post: Feedly To Replace My Google Reader?

    Sadly for my employer it’s stuff like Feedly that will keep Firefox installed on my machine (albeit IE8 remains my default). My pal Jas pointed me to Feely today and I thought I’d seen it before but I hadn’t…it just has one of those familiar Web 2.0 style names. Whatever, it’s a super cool add-on for...
  • Blog Post: Buy Shares In An Album

      [update] spoke with Stephen from the band and the PayPal link is thus - .  This novel idea for getting an album off the ground was sent to my by a pal this weekend. In a nutshell, you can buy up to 3 shares at £5 a go from a band called FirstOfTheGiants...
  • Blog Post: Parenting in Post 2.0

    another classic from GeekandPoke
  • Blog Post: Web 2.0 Before and After

    the original “Web 2.0 logo slide” update by Meg Pickard . Of course many companies have been added but some big white gaps there. (thanks to @deneschonknecht ) for the link
  • Blog Post: Microsoft’s Web Platform

      I meant to blog about this back when we announced it at MIX09 – for anyone who has tried to install Microsoft’s web stack (server, tools, database) the Web Platform is a lifesaver. It used to be a black art to install all the right bits in the right order and make it all work. With the Web Platform...
  • Blog Post: Social Media Douchebags

    ho ho
  • Blog Post: McKinsey, Twitter, Web 2.0 and Social Media

    Two friends sent me links today to McKinsey – one to a report titled Six ways to make Web 2.0 work and the other to the fact that McKinsey are now on Twitter . The report actually has some useful insights that I shared with a few people in Microsoft who are trying to get greater adoption of Web 2.0 type...
  • Blog Post: Web 2.0 And Internet Stats

    Many of you will have had your fill of stats around Web 2.0, Social Media and the like but if you’re looking for something to bolster your next presentation check out 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats from The Future Buzz.   Twitter stats are flavour of the month/year of course...
  • Blog Post: Cut Out and Keep Guide to Web 2.0

    Catching up on a few posts I found languishing in my drafts. I like this How to win by using Web 2.0 from the Financial Times, not least because it’s the last place I expected to find it. Without Twitter on there (it should be in the top box) it all seems a bit dated to me though.
  • Blog Post: MTV Music…but not here

    I hopped over to MTV Music which launched last week and lined myself up with a playlist of some of my favourite retro videos from their 16,000+ archive. Major bummer – they’re not available in the UK :( Another reason for me to head back to the US? Looks like nice work in taking the fight to Google though...
  • Blog Post: The Economic Situation Explained

    Sequoia Capital on startups and the economic downturn View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: depression recession ) Pretty insightful and riding top of Techmeme today – hardly surprising given the source. Sequoia Capital are perhaps the top VC firm when it comes to tech/Web2.0.
  • Blog Post: Annual Customer Engagement Survey

    My friends at cScape have kicked off their 3rd Customer Engagement Survey recently and if you’ve not seen the last 2 years of work, you’re missing a trick. They deliver some great insights in to how customers are thinking about and using the new tools of the web to change their businesses and stay ahead...
  • Blog Post: Wubud Grabs Angel Funding

      Congrats to my pal Paul Walsh and his team on their angel investment for Wubud . Mike has more details over at TechCrunch UK but I can say this – I saw the app last week over lunch with Paul and I was very, very impressed. I want it. Now!
  • Blog Post: Climbing Mountains to The Cloud

    Last week I went to the London Girl Geek Dinner 3rd birthday party and saw a few familiar faces and a many new ones. The highlight of the night for me wasn’t the speakers or even bumping in to my Irish based comrade Martha Rotter – it was chatting with a couple of start-ups and getting their candid feedback...
  • Blog Post: Unilever staff use Facebook

      So what? Big deal right? We all use it right? Not so. A lot of organisations are blocking their employees access to Facebook and other sites and services like Instant Messaging, Skype and iTunes. They’re deemed a time waster, security risk or both. I saw this first hand at a friends house last...
  • Blog Post: BBC Sport's Olympic Map with Virtual Earth

    Jamie pointed me to this very cool interactive BBC Sport's Olympic Map that uses Virtual Earth. You can click on sports, zoom in, check out venues and more. Clicking the different icons allows you to: find out more about the 37 Chinese Olympic venues read articles from journalists on BBC Sport's Olympics...
  • Blog Post: The State of the Web: Summer 2008

        The State of the Web - Summer 2008 – beautiful work by Matthew Inman. Seems like he holds the same ambition as me to make it in to Wired – though his design work has way more chance than my writing! major hat tip to me old mucker Farrell on this one.
  • Blog Post:

    I just stumbled across today – a clever site that is launching across the UK at the moment – in Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham and Portsmouth so far but they’re widening their reach. Their aim is to bring some big business advertising clout to a wider audience and they’re using Virtual...
  • Blog Post: Social Networking Updates

    A few things Plurk finally got with the program and added Twitter as an import source for their service. Expect an explosion this week and lots of people saying it’s the new new thing….which it’s not Plurk also added a mobile interface at Twitter have added their previous pages (option...
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