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  • Blog Post: About those Windows Phone ads…

    Art imitates life imitates art. Poor girl…but too funny not to share. … remind you of anything ? Tweet
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 and personality

    Hugh’s latest seemed entirely appropriate for Windows Phone 7 – this product has more personality that any other Microsoft product I know. Tweet
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Store in my Windows Phone

    I was searching the Zune Marketplace today and happened across the Microsoft Store app for Windows Phone. It’s actually a pretty nicely executed app and though I don’t see myself using it a ton it was handy to check prices of gear at our store, opening times and see what classes are on. I shouldn’t admit...
  • Blog Post: This would make a great Windows Phone 7 ad

    ….but meantime, check out the latest Windows Phone 7 video of skydivers . via Tweet
  • Blog Post: Hidden tricks of Windows Phone 7

      I thought I’d found most of the tricks Windows Phone 7 has up it’s sleeve but no, this puppy has way more tricks up it’s sleeve. It’s one thing I love about the marketing…we’ve not had every feature explained to us in excruciating detail. The team behind it seem to know the delight and childlike...
  • Blog Post: What does it feel like when Redmond gets Windows Phone 7?

    Well for starters, my Facebook feed is seeing a lot of the action shown above…and conversations increasingly start with a question of which apps I have on my Samsung Focus. Good to be back in the game. Tweet
  • Blog Post: What went down?

    Do you want to know what went down in history right at the spot you’re stood? That’s what History Here for Windows Phone 7 does. A neat little app by The History Channel that I came across in the Gizmodo app review. I think these sort of apps have so much potential – particularly for education but obviously...
  • Blog Post: Searching the Windows Phone 7 marketplace

    Okay, maybe it’s just me (probably) but I only just realized Windows Phone 7 has the ability to search the marketplace from your phone. You just click the search button on your phone while you’re in the marketplace….duh. Obvious to everyone else maybe but I only just spotted this. Very handy. Meantime...
  • Blog Post: Geico on Windows Phone 7

    I sure sign that I have been in the US for too long now – I noticed Geico , the ubiquitous car insurance company, how has a Windows Phone 7 application – in addition to their iPhone and Android apps. Of course, the main thing I noticed is they appear to have a Jaguar XJS in the background. Very Simon...
  • Blog Post: Vodafone & Windows Phone 7

    Nice new ad with subtle use of Windows Phone 7…and Lewis Hamilton via Chris Rawlinson Tweet
  • Blog Post: New Windows Phone 7 ad

    This one is running with Orange in the UK. Likin’ it Tweet
  • Blog Post: Your essential Windows Phone 7 apps

    Wilson Rothman has a very solid list in his post " The first Windows Phone 7 apps you should grab though I would add a few to this Seesmic – I know Twitter is on the list above but Seesmic has some cool features TED – you gotta have inspirational talks with you Marketplace Search – handy for finding...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tag arrives on Windows Phone 7

    I was only asking our Tag team last week when the Windows Phone 7 Tag application would arrive and over the weekend, I spotted it on the Marketplace. I’ve not been following Tag too closely recently but they have a ton of cool stuff going on – I mentioned the fashion line using Tag last week and I have...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7: some thoughts

    This is the look of the Windows Phone 7 page on the Microsoft Store – today’s the day that the phones get unleashed on the US public. I’ll be picking up my new Samsung unit up in a week or so – no big rush as I have an LG prototype that is working just fine. As someone who worked on the launch of the...
  • Blog Post: TED for Windows Phone 7

    Splendid…I know iPhone has it already but great to see it coming to Windows Phone 7. Turns out there are already two TED apps…off to test them both. Still frustrated that I can’t find an easy way to link directly to the app in marketplace thanks to @r1os I found the way to get a link to any app in marketplace...
  • Blog Post: LG giving 10 free apps to Windows Phone 7 customers

    Been using photo stylist for a while and loving it… off to try the rest of ‘em via @m3sweatt Tweet
  • Blog Post: Today is a good day to be in Redmond

    I’ve been buried in the nooks, crannies and corridors of Redmond for the last few months but today I poked my head above the parapet and strolled by the Company Store (needed a new Xbox Live Gold membership). Lines are forming outside the store for the arrival of Kinect and the staff had a look of trepidation...
  • Blog Post: The Killer App

    Been so busy I almost missed this…big love to the CH9 team …and and my desk starred in the movie. Tweet
  • Blog Post: Twitter for Windows Phone 7

      It’s been a slow few days on my blog…all will become clear soon… Anyway, I wanted to update you on the the official Twitter client for Windows Phone 7 that I’d been patiently waiting for. Summary – it’s brilliant. It’s not just me who thinks so…the guys over at Twitter love it too. There is something...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 PDC app

    We’re a little over 24 hours away from PDC10 here in Redmond and the planes have been delivering the good and the great of the tech world in to town. You’ll be able to watch the PDC live online and it was no surprise to see that the team has added a Windows Phone 7 application in to the Marketplace....
  • Blog Post: Messenger for Windows Phone 7

    the app, by Miyowa just showed up in the Marketplace. It’s a disgrace that no other apps I need have showed up since I installed this over 3 hours ago Tweet
  • Blog Post: HOUSE! A complete set of Windows Phone 7 apps

    My set of must have apps for Windows Phone 7 is complete this morning as I just installed the Twitter app. That now sits alongside YouTube, Adobe Reader, Facebook, IMDB, Shazam, eBay, FourSquare,, Netflix, OpenTable, and Yelp. I’m now officially the demo bore of Windows Phone 7….all my friends...
  • Blog Post: YouTube, and Adobe Reader now in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

    Just holding out for the Twitter app now Tweet
  • Blog Post: WP7 app: Where’s my car?

    I know a few people who would benefit from this Win Phone 7 app Tweet
  • Blog Post: More Windows Phone 7 apps I’m playing with today

    Just been playing with Netflix and Facebook – having far too much fun with this phone. All of the above apps are now up in the Marketplace Tweet
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