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    Live Mesh On Sky News



    Sky News got a nice scoop I was alerted to earlier today – a demo of Live Mesh from the Thinking Digital conference held last week in Newcastle/Gateshead. I was alerted to the brief spot by my mother…the reason for which will become apparent when you watch the video :)

    Live Mesh demo starts at about 2:37 in to the clip.

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    Signup for the LiveStation Beta



    I was over at Skinkers this morning with Matteo Berlucchi shooting a video for Partner-TV. I love spending time with Matteo as his infectious passion for his company and his product is great - plus he's a lot of fun. He proudly showed me that he's in an article in Der Spiegel this month alongside BillG, Google and Steve Jobs but despite his new found media success, he was still happy to give us a great interview. It'll be coming up soon on Partner-TV. If you haven't heard the Skinkers story it's worth listening - these guys licensed Microsoft Research technology in return for equity in the company. Pretty damn cool for a company that some say "don't get it" or or not open (I'm talking about Microsoft, not Skinkers now...).

    During the visit, Matteo showed me one of their latest projects called LiveStation - a highly efficient video streaming service using Silverlight to deliver realtime video to your desktop. The UI was lovely and we talked about the potential to do it on a mobile too - not far off. I've just signed up for their closed beta which I'm assured I'm on and have managed to grab 10 other invites so if you're interested, reply here and also sign up and I'll drop your name to them to bounce to the front of the queue. Partnership has it's privileges as they say :)

    [update] I just spoke with Skinkers. If you add "heard via Steve Clayton" in the signup field they'll do their best to accommodate you. if you already registered, please do so again!


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    Change The World Or Go Home: more progress



    Blue Monster - now appearing on a shirt near you :) I have a number of these shirts under my desk in the office ready for distribution so lets see where they end up. These 3 were in Redmond last week along with 3 others from folks within my team.

    James gives us his views on Blue Monster and I get called the handbag evangelist. Last month I was the moonshine marketer...is that progress or not?

    Link to Stormhoek:: CHANGE THE WORLD OR GO HOME.

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    1st Windows 7 Update



    I was checking the location for the Windows 7 public beta and no sign of it yet. I did find two updates already though for Windows Media Center issues so if you’re planning to test that, you may wanna grab these.

    I’ll post links to the Beta download as soon as I have them


    Install this update to resolve live and recorded TV issues in Windows Media Center, recorded TV playback issues in Windows Media Player, and MP3 file corruption issues in Windows.

    Update for Windows 7 Beta for x64 (KB961367)

    Update for Windows 7 Beta for 32 bit (KB961367)

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    YouTube using Silverlight



    WOW. This little sliver of news from MIX09 this week slipped by me. YouTube are streaming March Madness live using Silverlight. If you don’t know what March Madness is, don’t worry (strangely I knew…) but that’s not the news. The news is this isn’t being delivered in Flash. The quality is stunning.

    Start of things to come on YouTube? I hope so….

    Hat tip to GigaOm and NewTeeVee

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