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    Hidden tricks of Windows Phone 7




    I thought I’d found most of the tricks Windows Phone 7 has up it’s sleeve but no, this puppy has way more tricks up it’s sleeve. It’s one thing I love about the marketing…we’ve not had every feature explained to us in excruciating detail. The team behind it seem to know the delight and childlike glee of finding something you didn’t know was there…it reminds me of the days of Easter eggs.

    Head to pocket-lint.com for 72 tips and tricks…here are 3 of my favorites.


    38. Getting International dialing help
    Always travelling, always forgetting to add the 0044 to your calls back to the UK? Then go in to Settings, swipe to Applications, choose Phone and then set International assist to On. Turning it on will help automatically correct some of the common mistakes while dialing international or dialing while abroad.
    45. Finding the .co.uk shortcut on the touchscreen keyboard
    Load up the keyboard in Internet Explorer and to save you valuable seconds you get a .com button for websites. But what if you are going to a .co.uk? Well press and hold the .com button and up pops .co.uk, .org. and .edu.
    65. Shuffle tracks on an album
    This one is hidden within the player. Tap on the album cover and it reveals two controls, a repeat and a shuffle icon. It's like you've found a special secret
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    Enable GodMode On Windows 7



    I thought this was a joke when I read it, but evidently not. If you want a quick way to get to all the settings on Windows 7, GodMode is it.  How?

    Add a new folder to your desktop and name it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} - you will now see the icon above on your desktop and a pretty long list of items. Below is just a small sample.


    thanks to Less Than Dot and @jamiet

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    Zune wallpaper


    Last week I came across the Zune theme for XP on the new Zune site but sadly it will not install on Vista so I put it on my XP machine and grabbed the wallpaper should you wish to add it to your list of Vista wallpapers.

    Two versions available


    1024x768 (old skool size)

    Zune Widescreen

    1900x1200 (new skool size)

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    Great Quotes #5



    I switched on the TV last night and in desperation at the paucity of content I turned to watch The Duchess in Hull – with very low hopes for any other than an ex Royal doing a cheap PR stunt. It may well turn out to be that but I has to rethink my perceptions of Sarah Ferguson. Expecting an aloof Royal nutjob she came across as thoughtful, humble and pretty streetwise.

    I was feeling a bit down last night and she stopped me in my tracks with this quote she attributed to her grandmother:

    When in doubt and you feel bad about yourself, go and give to others


    It made me think. A lot.

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Phone 7 desktop wallpapers



    I think these have already been shared but I can’t remember where so posting again – the logos are taken from the Windows Phone UI and Design Language session at MIX10. Click the images above for 1920x1200 PNG versions.

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