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    Facebook for Windows Mobile - free download


    I’ve been playing with this for a while and it’s pretty cool – and now it’s freely available to anyone with a Windows Mobile 6 phone

    Check out a great review at mobilityminded 

    CAB file download

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    Thank Bing It’s Friday



    The image from the UK version of Bing today….I wish I was heading there this Friday.

    Note to Bing – a button saying “make this my wallpaper” would be awesome. I know there would be licensing issues etc etc but pls pls find a way to do it. It’d be such a smokin feature.

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    Coffee makes you dance around like a goat!


    (click image to go to the original)

    Hence why I’m cutting down my intake these days Smile I am actually cutting down a lot on my afternoon & evening caffeine and woe does it make a difference to the quality of sleep I get. I know that’s obvious but I’m just a bit slow on this stuff

    via theoatmeal.com

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    Dell, Microsoft and Bono = (RED) kit


    Okay, I know Apple has already fine work with Sir Bono and the RED campaign but that doesn't mean this isn't very cool and great work by Dell, Apple and Bono's gang.

    From Reuters today:

    Dell Inc and Microsoft Corp are teaming up to release a Product Red computer, donating up to $80 for every one sold to fund AIDS-fighting drugs in Africa.

    Dell will start selling two (Red) laptops and one desktop running Microsoft Windows Vista on Friday. The two companies will donate $50 for a laptop and $80 for a desktop to the Global Fund, which finances health programs in Africa.


    Bono says - "My job is to put some poetry in the machine, put some funk in the machines," 


    Bill added - "I guess you can criticize even life-saving activities. I don't know how, but if somebody has a better idea than (Red) to save more lives, we are all ears," said Gates in an interview. "I put it in the category of a creative use of capitalism."

    Dell plans to offer the uber cool XPS One, XPS M1330 and M1530 laptop computers under the product (RED) brand and they'll sell for the same price as the regular Dell models. On sale from Jan 25th in the U.S. and in 30 countries from Jan 31st. They'll come with lots of red branding and a special edition of Vista Ultimate.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more and I'm very tempted to get an XPS One for my desk at home.

    Check out www.joinred.com and more info from Nick on the Windows Vista blog and of course, Long Zheng.

  • Steve Clayton

    Word Of Mouth Career Advice


    Brilliant. Thanks David and James.

    btw, this holds true for many more careers than marketing.

    [update] Seth Godin on a similar topic

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