October, 2004

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    Eventful times at OOPSLA

    Today at OOPSLA I participated in a panel session about MDA . We had an interesting debate about what MDA actually is. I suggested that MDA proponents fall into the following three camps. 1. The UML PIM camp: MDA involves the use of UML to build Platform...
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    Looking forward to OOPSLA

    I work as an Architect in the Enterprise Frameworks and Tools group within Visual Studio. My immediate colleagues include Keith Short , Jack Greenfield , Stuart Kent , Alan Wills and Gareth Jones . We’re all working hard on making the Software Factories...
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    Software Factories and Packages

    I read Alan Wills’ blog about his domain-specific languages tutorial at UML 2004, and it reminded me of some thoughts I had about the difference between a Software Factory and a Package. A Package is a chunk of software that is designed to encompass a...
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