I told Stefan Tilkov that speaking as an ex-participant of the OMG circus I particularly enjoyed the following paragraph from his blog:


So in the end, it seems to come down to MOF in its sort-of-working semi-compatible non-standardized incarnation (EMF), embedded into Eclipse, vs. Microsoft’s proprietary DSL stuff, embedded into Visual Studio. And the strangest thing is: I’d rather place a bet on something that is backed by eclipse.org than on an OMG standard nobody gives a f*#& about. Care for another example? Take this.


In response he suggested that I might not be so pleased by an old link in which he accused me of Microsoft FUD about MDA.  I guess I hit a few nerves with that particular article.


I was on the MDA panel at OOPSLA this year, where I identified the three MDA camps, and we saw that almost nobody in the audience was doing MDA.  I guess it hasn’t taken off yet.