October, 2008

  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    Architecture Edition Videos

    If you want more details about the tools we're building, Cameron Skinner gives an overview of the next version of Team System Architecture Edition. Mark Groves explains and demos the logical part of the story in Top-Down Design , and Suhail Dutta explains...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    Class Diagrams

    The most familiar UML diagram is the class diagram. A class diagram can mean many different things. If you look around a room in which developers are writing software, you’ll often see whiteboards with UML class diagrams on. This is UmlAsSketch . The...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    UML and DSLs

    So is UML really contradictory to DSLs? Do they really represent different philosophies? I don’t think so. After all, UML is just a set of domain specific languages. If you want to model use cases, or state transition diagrams, what other DSLs would you...
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