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January, 2004

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    Picking what to work on, and banging my head against a bug.

    Lately I’ve just been working on bugs. When you have quite a few bugs at the same priority level how do you pick which one to start on? I tend to go for recent bugs, then bugs that may need to go to someone else, then bugs I think will be easiest to...
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    Creating a simple Addin for PDC Whidbey. SlimeTrail for the the debugger.

    (I've updated this post: http://blogs.msdn.com/stevejs/archive/2005/12/21/506477.aspx ) This is the first time I've created an Addin for VS. This one was built using the PDC build of Visual Studio Whidbey. The idea behind this was to make the simplest...
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    Intro, and Dogfood musings

    Hi, my name is Steve Steiner. I work as a developer on the Visual Studio Debugger team. The debugger team has always been a bit of a strange and interesting place to work. For one thing, we get to dogfood the debugger as it is built. Dogfood (verb...
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