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May, 2004

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    Unmanaged Debugging vs. Managed Debugging vs. Mixed Debugging.

    All versions of VS support debugging both managed and unmanaged code. However there is a big difference between doing one or the other and doing both. GreggM has written about some of the reasons interop debugging is difficult . Here I will refer to debugging...
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    Blast from the past

    An old friend from college found me via this blog. Hi Chuck! He and I used to work in the Autonomous Robot lab at Draper Laboratory. Here’s a paper about the robot I did my thesis on. I designed and implemented the mapping system. That robot was at least...
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    Debugging as thrill sport

    Gregg is normally a pretty calm guy. However, he was jumping up in down in front of my office after figuring this out: Debugging into DCOM process creation . I like this statement that gets to the heart of how all problems are actually solved: “ Step...
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