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November, 2005

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    Netmodules: Sort of like a lib

    I first ran into netmodules before VS 2002 was shipped. The netmodule gave me precisely what I asked for, without actually solving my problem. I wanted to use multiple languages (C#, and C++ /clr) in a single assembly. It turns out a single assembly can...
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    XSLT debugging in Visual Studio

    Visual Studio is a big tool. It's easy to miss some useful features. Hopefully t he XSLT debugger won't get missed. If you want to learn how to use XSLT debugging take a look at Neetu Rajpal's msdn article Introducing Xml tools in VS 2005 . Below you...
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    Edit and Continue on 64 bit Windows

    Pascal writes about the joy of x64 Windows XP, and some drawbacks. One drawback is no Edit and Continue using the 64 bit CLR. You can, however, use E&C against the 32 bit CLR on a x64 machine. Here's how you do it: You need to compile your managed...
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    Make DataTips Transparent

    Enhanced datatips are my favorite new debugger feature. However, sometimes you want to see underneath the tip without losing your spot. Fortunately, JimGries thought of that. You can make the DataTip transparent by pressing the ctrl key or middle mouse...
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    Post Mortems

    I won the guess the murderer contest. Shai and I compete to guess who the real murderer is on Law and Order Criminal Intent. Last night we watched Sunday's two hour show. It's a toss up who wins, but one of us always gets it by two thirds of the way through...
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    Perf Awareness is not Premature

    I've found myself adding a timer to each of the unit test frameworks I use so I can see how long my tests take. I am not trying to do anything complex. I just want to be aware of the perf. The same way pass and fail are visible, 1ms vs 90ms is visible...
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    Checking the result of new is a bug in C++

    At least, it is a bug in VC8. That check won't happen. Reading Larry Osterman's recent posts "What's wrong with this code, part 15" and the answers , reminded me this behavior changed in VC8. If you check the result of new in code compiled with VC8, your...
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