So what is a developer experience anyway?

Discussion on all things related to the experience that a developer has with development tools and frameworks.

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  • Blog Post: Do you want a sneak peek at some ideas we're working on?

    Then please sign up to participate in a user experience study I'll be running from the Edinburgh office next week. On Tuesday 31st July through to Thursday August 2nd, I'm looking for five JavaScript developers who can come in to the Microsoft office in Edinburgh, Scotland to put some prototypes we're...
  • Blog Post: Interacting with templated controls in a Silverlight based Windows Phone 7 app

    I have been struggling all day with trying to figure out how to refer to a templated control in a Windows Phone 7 app. The solution I ended up with was nothing like the solution I spent all day trying to figure out. I wanted to write this up for my own benefit so I might remember this experience. ...
  • Blog Post: Bricolage, tinkering and gender differences in programming

    There's a great essay at describing how great ideas often don't come from "momentous ideas transcending their surroundings, a gifted mind somehow seeing over the detritus of old ideas and ossified tradition". Instead, many...
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