Microsoft plus the Nokia Devices and Services business: what it means for developers

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We are excited to announce an important milestone today, which is the conclusion of the Nokia Devices and Services business acquisition. As we bring the two teams together, we will double down on our commitment to developers.

Together, we will:

  • Bring more hardware and software innovation to markets around the world, driving more consumer adoption and more growth for developers.
  • Provide better developer tools and services to help developers build great looking, high-performing apps for our expanded family of devices and services.
  • Offer developers opportunities to reach more people with their apps in emerging markets worldwide.   

Today is the first step in our journey to bring together Nokia mobile devices with Microsoft software, devices and services to create new experiences that easily connect people to everything and everyone in their life.

We want to extend a sincere Thank You to our developers, and Welcome to the hundreds of new developers joining every day. It’s developers like you who inspire and energize us every single day, and we are excited to continue this journey with you.


Guggs & Bryan

Microsoft plus the Nokia Devices and Services business: what it means for developers

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  • Does this mean a free Visual Studio Pro license to all Paid & Registered Developers?

  • So Microsoft are the latest distributors of Android and the Linux Kernel.

    If you can't beat them...

  • Does this mean Visual Studio will have online templates for modern UI app using Qt/C++ alternative to XAML/CX?

  • woo! good news. =)

  • New Microsoft VP consigns the PC to irrelevance - CNET

    so much for ...

    Nadella's pitch to Microsoft developers: Stick with us - CNET

    do a head count of MVPs and WPF disciples that have already jumped ship .

  • I hope that finally the devices become interesting for gadget developers to support it. In many ways, it has to do with the bluetooth stack and all. With the merger, that should be perfect. For me, the lack of 3rd party gadget support is the most significant difference with iOS and Android.

  • So are you going to thank VB6 developers by bringing back an updated version of Visual Basic ?

    You could start by answering the call on the Visual Studio UserVoice site to bring back the VB6 programming language (after all it is the same language as VBA and you have updated VBA7 to include 64 bit support).

  • So my question would be so when does the US get the new Nokia / Microsoft Lumia 930?

  • John - Here in the US are focusing on new Lumia devices like the Icon – the phone has nearly identical specs to the Lumia 930.

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