Zattoo TV launches Live TV Universal Windows App

Zattoo TV launches Live TV Universal Windows App

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Today, I contributed a guest post on the Apps for Windows blog, highlighting the app published today by Zattoo TV.

We've been talking quite a bit these last several months about the power of universal Windows apps - that message has really started to gain traction with our partners.  Zattoo's experience building a universal Windows app is a good primer, especially if you've been thinking building an app across all Windows devices.  Check out the blog post here...

Guggs  |  @stevenguggs

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  • ilove all pepole gev me live ander th sun

  • Thanks for the article Guggs. Zattoo Switzerland is awesome because it offers almost any UK channel such us BBC. For those who can’t access it in your country, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

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