Uber, now available on Windows Phone!

Uber, now available on Windows Phone!

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Uber, the maker of the popular car service for connecting passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire, announced their official Windows Phone app earlier today. Uber for Windows Phone is a fast, full-featured native app that makes ordering your next ride super easy. The app works on all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, is free, and is available for immediate download here.

We welcome Uber to our fast-growing Windows Phone ecosystem. As of today, Uber is truly “Everyone’s private driver”.


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  • I downloaded the app and the welcome mail dropped into my mailbox.  In the 3 Steps to Ride message, I found it somewhat disconcerting to see the following as the first step - Order a Car:  Use the iPhone or Android app to request a ride.

    I think Uber needs to revise this message in their email and broaden it to include their Windows customers.

  • @Murli Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate you bringing the issue to our attention. Uber knows about the problem and are working to update their systems to make Windows Phone visible across all of their consumer touch points.

  • Since Uber is operating an illegal service in most jurisdictions, how did it get past certification?

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