Foursquare is Swarm-ing on Windows Phone

Foursquare is Swarm-ing on Windows Phone

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Foursquare continues to deliver great innovation, across their applications which makes their service better, as well as today helping make Windows Phone better.  When Foursquare announced that they would unbundle discovery and check-ins into two separate apps, Swarm was born. Today, I’m pleased to share that Swarm is available for Windows Phone.

Swarm is dedicated to checking-in, designed to be the fastest way to keep up and meet up with your friends. Meanwhile, the Foursquare app will persist and build on its strengths through enhanced discovery experiences and an updated version will be available in the coming months for Windows and Windows Phone.

Swarm offers tangible enhancements to the social experience that will be welcomed by Windows Phone and Foursquare users.  The default experience is a social one – when you open the app, it is all about seeing where your friends are in proximity to you and as a result, checking it is more engaging. When you check-in, tagging and checking in your friends is a part of the default experience. No app would be truly social without the ability to easily message your friends – Swarm makes this easy, right within the context of your check in. 

Swarm is evolving the act of checking in, adding even more value to users that want to engage their friends when checking in.  Swarm users can easily see friends that are close by, chat, share and meet up. Whether discovering what’s going on nearby or getting notified by your friends, checking in just got a lot more personal and engaging.

Download Swarm now from the Windows Phone Store


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  • I regret to say that it is a bad experience on Windows phone. It crashes constantly after facebook authentication. Also developer didn't provide the expected feedback mechanism to report the exception. Although the app was updated today, problem persists even after clean installation.

  • Good that it's (finally) here. Now for smoothing the many rough edges. These are by no means visual, as the app looks stunning. However: it crashes quite a bit, notifications look wonky (technical app name, no icon) and they do nothing when you tap them, explicit checkins to locations don't seem to actually generate a checkin visible by website or API, I'm not sure if the background checkin for regions is there (no questions about allowing that in settings, I think) and finally if it's all so social then why doesn't the app integrate with the People Hub and Me Tile of Windows Phone like Facebook and Skype do? So get those updates - and updated Foursquare app - coming, while I keep using 4th and Mayor for now..

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