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July, 2007

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Steven Lees is a member of the CSA Concept Development Team at Microsoft.

  • Steven Lees

    Simple Sharing Extensions in action!

    Jon Udell has a recent post about the Microsoft Humanitarian Systems team and their use of SSE: of the latter involved the use of Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) , an extension of RSS, to synchronize location data between Google Earth and...
  • Steven Lees

    Simple Sharing Extensions spec updates

    I've received some great feedback on the Simple Sharing Extensions spec that I posted on MSDN last month. I'm working on updating the spec based on all of the comments, so I'm posting the proposed spec changes to the FEED-TECH list. I'll be rolling them...
  • Steven Lees

    SSE implementation on CodePlex

    Daniel Cazzulino has posted an SSE implementation on CodePlex: the Simple Sharing Extensions for .NET project. Cool! I'm looking forward to checking it out.
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