Jon Udell has a recent post about the Microsoft Humanitarian Systems team and their use of SSE: of the latter involved the use of Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), an extension of RSS, to synchronize location data between Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

I wondered what broader role SSE might play, given that it extends a Groove-like data synchronization capability to a diverse set of applications. It turns out that Ted will be testing a prototype SSE adapter for Microsoft Access on a trip to Kabul next week:

From my perspective as a relief and development person for 20 years, you can’t overestimate the value of simple tools like good old Access. What if Access could relay messages and synchronize via SSE, so that you’ve got persistent statefulness and failover on highly intermittent and jittery networks? Suddenly Access becomes a much more lively player in the edge-based mesh. So now in Afghanistan we’ll actually be using this wonderful everyman’s tool, Access, enlivened with SSE adapters, to help out an NGO partner who’s told us that would really help them share data with the other stakeholders in the reconstruction project they’re working on.

Ted and Jon are referring to the prototype SSE adapter for Access that Ed Jezierski and his team have built. We're working on adapters for to connect to other endpoints as well, such as Groove and SharePoint. As Ted points out, it will be great to enable all of these established tools to sync to any SSE endpoint.