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December, 2007

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Steven Lees is a member of the CSA Concept Development Team at Microsoft.

  • Steven Lees

    FeedSync now covered by the Open Specification Promise

    I've been talking to more people about FeedSync since I posted the v1 specification earlier this month. One common question people ask is about licensing terms for the spec, and what our thoughts are about FeedSync implementations. We've always made it...
  • Steven Lees

    FeedSync Design Principles

    There's been a good discussion for the past couple of days on the atom-syntax list about sync, mostly focused on tombstones. It's useful to know that our primary design point for FeedSync , as Joe Cheng points out, is around "mesh sync". That is, if you...
  • Steven Lees


    Today we published the final v1 spec for Simple Sharing Extensions, under a new name, FeedSync. The new name is a little simpler than the old one (kind of ironic!) and it captures the intent pretty well. We also kicked off a new site today, http:/...
  • Steven Lees

    About a "by"

    I was reviewing the spec comments that we received over the past few months on the SSE spec, and because there was a fair amount of feedback about the “by” attribute on sx:history, I’d like to explain where the spec ended up. Just to refresh your...
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