Congratulations to the Live Mesh team, who announced their Live Mesh Technology Preview release earlier this evening! Amit Mital gives a detailed overview in this post on

You can read all about it in the usual why do I mention it here? FeedSync is one of the core parts of the Live Mesh platform. One of the key values of Live Mesh is that your data flows to all of your devices. And rather than being hidden away in a single service, any properly authenticated user has full bidirectional sync capability. As I discussed in the Introduction to FeedSync, this really makes "your stuff yours".

To be clear, Live Mesh is a lot more than just FeedSync. Check out Mike Zintel's post on the Live Mesh blog, and the Channel 9 interview with Abolade Gbadegesin for a lot more technical background. And don't miss Ray Ozzie's discussion with Jon Udell.

There's also more to FeedSync than Live Mesh. It's great to see Live Mesh syncing with FeedSync; things will get even better when you can connect multiple services together through FeedSync. We'll have more information and code samples coming soon.