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  • Blog Post: FeedSync Design Principles

    There's been a good discussion for the past couple of days on the atom-syntax list about sync, mostly focused on tombstones. It's useful to know that our primary design point for FeedSync , as Joe Cheng points out, is around "mesh sync". That is, if you have a collection of resources that you can represent...
  • Blog Post: FeedSync

    Today we published the final v1 spec for Simple Sharing Extensions, under a new name, FeedSync. The new name is a little simpler than the old one (kind of ironic!) and it captures the intent pretty well. We also kicked off a new site today, , which explains what FeedSync is about...
  • Blog Post: About a "by"

    I was reviewing the spec comments that we received over the past few months on the SSE spec, and because there was a fair amount of feedback about the “by” attribute on sx:history, I’d like to explain where the spec ended up. Just to refresh your memory: every time an item or entry in a feed is...
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