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  • Blog Post: Branch DP Internals - client side - SCCM 2007

    The last post detailed required server side processing to prepare a package for distribution to the Branch DP. Let's now take a look at what happens on the Branch DP to finally get the content copied to and ready for access by requesting clients. The last step in server side Branch DP package processing...
  • Blog Post: Branch DP internals - SCCM 2007

    Many customers have begun using the new Branch Distribution Point feature in SCCM 2007 - and it is fairly straight forward to setup. But how does it actually work? What changes have been made to accomodate the branch DP? Some required components are new and some are modified. We will cover a few of these...
  • Blog Post: SCCM 2007 - peer DP functionality - on demand provisioning

    The last two entries provided an overview of the peer DP role in SCCM 2007 and also discussed admin provisioning of a peer DP. For this entry we will discuss 'on demand' peer DP provisioning. It should be noted again that SCCM 2007 is still a beta product so these details remain subject to change. ...
  • Blog Post: SCCM 2007 - Peer DP functionality - admin provisioning

    The last entry began the discussion of peer DP's with an overview description of this new feature. I thought for this entry we would spend a few lines discussing how a peer DP actually gets provisioned with content. As mentioned in the last entry, it is possible for an administrator to proactively...
  • Blog Post: SCCM2007 - Peer DP functionality

    I've been spending a fair amount of time of late working with SCCM2007 - which is currently available for download and evaluation. As with any beta software, SCCM2007 is still subject to change - for prerequisites and download instructions see
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