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February, 2005

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    What is a Test Architect?

    I was asked a few questions via mail. Here is the first of some quick answers to these: What is the role of a Test Architect? There is not a single definition of the test architect role. A test architect is an advanced test developer whose scope is larger...
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    Why building software isn’t like building bridges

    I was having a conversation with a friend the other night and we came across the age-old “software should be like building buildings” argument. It goes something like this: Software should be more like other forms of engineering like bridges or buildings...
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    Recommended Books On Testing

    Another question I was asked via e-mail. "Do you know of any good books that explain the testing process in detail? I noticed you mentioned Debugging Applications for .Net and Windows, but I am looking for a book that really explains the basics of 'I...
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    TDD - First Impressions

    I spent the last two days in a class covering test driven development, unit testing, and refactoring. I hope to provide a more detailed discussion of what I learned at some later point but for now I thought I'd post my initial impressions. I've read a...
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    FCC Broadcast Flag has a bad day

    In 2003 the FCC ruled that digital television signals could carry a flag which, when set, required specific protections be in place in all hardware/software that handled the signal. This flag has become known as the broadcast flag. Recently, several members...
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    Information Technology Leaders

    There is a local cable television station run by the University of Washington. On it there airs a show called Information Technology Leaders hosted by a woman named Laura Shildkraut . On the show, Laura spends an hour interviewing, you guessed it, leaders...
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