I was asked a few questions via mail.  Here is the first of some quick answers to these:

   What is the role of a Test Architect?  There is not a single definition of the test architect role.  A test architect is an advanced test developer whose scope is larger and who solves harder problems than the average SDE/T.  The specifics of what they do varies greatly.  They might be solving hard, particular problems.  They might be the one called in to solve the seemingly intractable issue.  They may be designing a new test platform.  Or, they may be determining group test policy.  Any and all of these fall in the scope of the test architect.  The work they do is often similar to that of an SDE/T.  The difference is often one of scope.  An SDE/T will often own a specific technology or be responsible for implementing a part of a system.  A test architect will own the approach to testing or developing entire systems.

   Are you a test architect or do you have a different idea of what one is?  Please leave your opinions in the comments section.  I'd love to see a dialog develop on this subject.  It's something I'm interested in but that isn't all that well understood yet in most quarters.