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March, 2005

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    Interested in being a test developer? We're hiring.

    If what I have said about test development excites you and you want to try it, now is your chance. We are hiring. We're looking for an experienced developer to work with audio drivers and related technologies. If you want to get your hands dirty in the...
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    Sony's Cell Microprocessor

    Things have been too busy for me to write any more articles lately. To tide you over, here is something I found interesting: The Cell Processor is going to be the heart and soul of the next Playstation. It is a joint effort between Sony, Toshiba, and...
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    Quality Assurance != Testing

    Stuart Feldman of IBM research has some thoughts on the issue of testing and quality assurance. He contends that QA is a process whereas testing tends to be technology-based and an afterthought. He describes the difference here: "What goes into QA? Testing...
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