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October, 2005

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    Objective Statements - Do You Need One?

    I've been doing a lot of resume screening lately so I thought I'd write up a few of my thoughts. Ever since my early days as a hiring manager I've told people not to include an objective statement on their resumes. More often than not, it is worthless...
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    Some Perspective On Vista

    It's been quite a while since Microsoft released a new operating system. Windows XP was the last consumer OS to ship and that was 4 years ago. By the time Vista ships, it will have been 5 years. There are a lot of consequences of such a long release cycle...
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    MSN Search Getting Better

    As a good corporate citizen I began trying MSN Search several months ago with the initial release. At first it was pretty painful. I would search on MSN, not find what I wanted, then switch over to Google. Recently, however, I have found that I almost...
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