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November, 2005

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    Language Inefficiencies

    I spent some time yesterday trying to learn Perl. I'd looked at it some a few years back but never had a use for it. I now have a need to write a tool for our build environment and so, based on what is available, I am required to use Perl. The first thing...
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    You Aren't Gonna Need It - Or Are You?

    A coworker recently pointed me at this page from the C2 Extreme Programming Wiki. The basic theory is that, if you find code that isn't being used, delete it. That is fair enough. The controversy comes when the code in question is potentially useful in...
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    Blog Meltdown?

    I've noticed a trend recently. Or, at least I think I have. I have certainly noticed a few datapoints that look like a trend. Blog software is failing to scale. For all the penetration of blogs and the millions of people hosting them, they are starting...
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