Here's what I'm listening to this month.  If you have any suggestions for things I might like, especially tech/programming podcasts, send them my way.

I listen to these regularly:

Major Nelson - Covers the world of the XBox360.  News, reviews, interviews with insiders.

This Week in Tech - Leo Laporte and a cast of characters talk about the technology news of the day.  Includes guests like Steve Wozniak.  A bit chaotic but you get a good overview of the week's happenings so you can dig in more later.

Security Now - Very informative show about the world of computer security.  Lately they have been doing information series covering networking, crypto, etc.  Also covers practical tips.

The Dice Tower - Best of the board gaming podcasts.  Reviews, news, and top ten lists.  Gives a good overview of what is out there.  Good place to become introduced to new games.  The hosts are good natured and fun to listen to.

Engadget - This is last on my list but I usually get to it.  Everything you need to know to stay atop the fast-paced world of cell phones and gaming systems.

These are not published regularly but I find interesting listening when I run out of regular podcasts:

Nerd TV - Interviews with lots of big names in technology.  The interviews sometimes wander (Bill Joy's sailboat?) but are always interesting.

ITConversations - I've started listening to the programming series there.  It doesn't appear to be getting any new podcasts but the archives are fun.