It's nearing the end of the month so I thought I'd update you on what podcasts are filling my Zen Nano these days.  Here are the ones I'm listening to regularly.

Major Nelson - Covers the world of the XBox360.  News, reviews, interviews with insiders.

This Week in Tech - Leo Laporte hosts a roundtable discussion about the technology news of the day.  Guests this month included Robert Scoble.

Security Now - Very informative show about the world of computer security.  Most of this month covered the basics of cryptography.

The Dice Tower - Best of the board gaming podcasts.  Reviews, news, and top ten lists.  Good place to become introduced to new games.  The hosts are good natured and fun to listen to.

FLOSS Weekly - Interviews in the world of Open Source Software.  Only 3 episodes old but all very interesting.  Guests so far include Cmdr Taco of /. and Ben Goodger of Firefox.

Honorable mentions (things I listened to but don't make my rotation yet):

This Week in Media - Roundtable discussion about digital media creation.  I've only listened once so far but found it intrigueing.  I'll be back for more.

HDTV Podcast - Not a lot of depth but good coverage of the news in the world of HDTV.  The whole show is less than 1/2 hour so it's easy to squeeze in.

You'll notice that Engadget fell off of my list.  They were sporadic at the beginning of the month and there's only so much I can listen to about the Motorola Q.

As always, if you have suggestions, send them my way.  I'm looking for good podcasts on the subject of audio or video production and on programming.  I haven't found any really good development blogs.  Perhaps it is just something you can't do in an audible medium.