I have heard several Mac users talking very kindly about our new OS.  This is encouraging as these are a bunch that are pre-inclined to view Vista in a negative light.  Impressing them is a hard task.  It appears that, at least in some cases, we have done that.  Here's a sampling:

  • Many of the commentators on TWiT had good things to say.
  • Andy Ihnatko writes in MacUser about several features he thinks Microsoft got better than Apple.  It's a quite entertaining read too.
  • The Apple Blog also lists 9 features they want Apple to borrow from Microsoft.  This one is more about XP than Vista though.

There are a few themes here.  They seem to be:

  • Voice recognition that works well.
  • Aero Glass including the 3D wind-tab view, the live previews, and the bouncy windows.
  • Media Center in every (premium) build
  • Working search.
  • Sidebar

Of course, there are also a lot of contrarian reviews too.

 While I'm on the subject, here are some of my top reasons to upgrade:

  • User Access Controls & better security.  You can be a non-admin and still get your work done.
  • Search.  Find everything on your system.  Quickly.
  • Better audio UI.  Change volume for each application.  No more annoying midi sounds or competing myspace pages.
  • Aero Glass.  Pretty.
  • 64-bits.  Because I'm a geek.
  • DVD burning in Media Center.  Now a way to archive the shows.
  • Sidebar gadgets.  On a widescreen monitor, set it to always on top.  Very cool.