Sunrocket was my phone company...until today.  This evening I looked at TechMeme to see what was new in the world only to run into this post at GigaOm.  Check the web site.  Everything looks fine.  Check the phone.  No dial tone.  Bummer.  Look around a little more and find this article in the New York Times.  My phone company just died.  No warning.  No automatic switchover to another company.  Just up and gone in an instant.  We have cell phones so we aren't fully out of contact, but how weird.  After so many years of dealing with a government-granted monopoly like Qwest, it's strange to think about a phone company just going away.

I can't stand paying $35/month for basic phone service though so I'll try another VOIP provider.  After doing some research, I think I'm going to try ViaTalk.  They get good reviews and have been around a while.  Hopefully I can actually use all of my year-long contract this time.  :)

7-17 update:  If you are following me to ViaTalk, here are some instructions on using your existing gizmo.