If you happen to have found this page as a former Sunrocket customer, here is a way you can get a phone up and running quickly.  One potential VOIP provider you can use is Viatalk.  This is the one I chose.  Sign up for BYOD service.  Wait unil you get your e-mail from ViaTalk with your login information.  It took me less than a day to get mine even without paying for rush processing. I have an Innomedia gizmo.  If you have one of the others, these instructions won't work for you.  Here are the instructions I followed to get my gizmo to work with ViaTalk.

  1. Get the admin password for your Gizmo.  The best way to do this is to browse the forums at SunrocketForum or DSLReports.
  2. If you have an Innomedia Gizmo, the login page is  It is case sensitive.
    1. The login name is admin
    2. The password changes based on when Sunrocket last provisioned your system.
  3. Once you log in, go to IP Network->Provisioning Setting. 
  4. Turn it off and reboot.
  5. Login again
  6. Go to Management->Administrator
  7. Change the password to something else.
  8. Update.
  9. Go to VoIP->SIP Proxy. 
  10. Change to the server ViaTalk sent you.  For me this is sanfrancisco-1.vtnoc.net.  Yours may be different.
  11. Change SIP Domain to vtnoc.net
  12. Set the first Codec to PCMU/8000 and all the others to None. Note that VT says to use G711U (ulaw), but that wasn't an option in my gizmo. PCMU works.  I don't know the details of this.  There may be better options.
  13. Save settings.
  14. Go to VoIP->User Account
  15. Enter the login name ViaTalk sent you into the User ID, User Name, and Authentication ID fields.
  16. Enter the password ViaTalk sent you into the two password fields.
  17. Save settings.
  18. Go to Management->Reboot.
  19. You should be on Viatalk.

These instructions were taken largely from this thread by Skruffy on SunrocketForum.

If you know of similar instructions for the Linksys or AC-211, please post links in the comments.