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April, 2008

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    A Microsoft-Yahoo Takeover Primer

    Marc Andreessen has a great blog post today laying out the possibilities in the Microsoft-Yahoo talks. Unlike most posts on the subject, this one isn't trying to guess what might happen. Instead, it lays out the options and the forces affecting those...
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    Prefer Composition Over Inheritance

    It's probably about time to bring my "Design Principles To Live By" series to a close. This is the last scheduled topic although I have one or two more I may post. Let's begin with some definitions: Composition - Functionality of an object is made up...
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    A History of Filesystems

    Ars Technica has a very interesting article about the history of filesystems . They cover all the major systems including FAT (MS-DOS), HFS (Mac), NTFS (NT), Ext2/3 (Linux), and many others like the Amiga. They also cover upcoming systems like ZFS. If...
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    Know That Which You Test

    Someone recently related to me his experience using the new Microsoft Robotics Studio . He loaded it up and proceeded through one of the tutorials. To make sure he understood, he typed everything in instead of cutting and pasting the sample code. After...
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    Slow blogging season

    I apologize for the very light blogging of late. I've been busy working on the project for my latest class at the University of Illinois. CS classes really take a lot of time at the end of the semester. At the beginning you just have reading, homework...
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