By popular demand (seriously), here is an update of the netcasts I'm listening to on a regular basis.



  • This Week In Tech - Round table discussion of technology topics.  Sometimes should be known as This Week in Twitter.
  • This Week In Media - Round table discussion of issues affecting media.  Everything from DRM to Red cameras.
  • Windows Weekly - Everything Microsoft.
  • Manager Tools - Great resource for both aspiring and current managers.  Practical advice.
  • Stack Overflow - Joel Spolsky (Joel on Software) and Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror) chatting and we get to listen in.  A bit rough, but fun and informative.
  • I, Cringely - Robert X. Cringley reading his weekly column.  Not always correct, but usually entertaining.
  • FLOSS Weekly - Interviews with the names behind common open source projects.




Suggestions for additional podcasts are welcome.