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March, 2009

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    E-mail Is Not A Good Motivator

    Another conversation I find myself having over and over is telling people that e-mail isn’t a sufficient mechanism for communication.  I already discussed how e-mail isn’t a good medium for handling disputes.  It also is not a great motivator...
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    Review: Peopleware

    The book, Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister, comes highly recommended by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood over at the Stack Overflow Podcast.  It is probably most famous for its repudiation of the idea that cubicles make a better work environment...
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    Review: The Effective Executive

    I read The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker because it was highly recommend on the Manager Tools podcast.  Despite what its name may imply, it isn’t written to company executives.  Instead, Drucker defines an executive as anyone with decision...
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    Spotting the "Uncoachables"

    Interesting article from Harvard talking about how to spot people who can't be coached. The author gives 4 symptoms to look for, but they basically boil down to one. Does the person want to change? If someone isn't interested in changing because they...
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