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November, 2009

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    A Taste of Stack Overflow DevDays

    If you missed Stack Overflow DevDays , there is some audio from it available on Stack Overflow Podcast #71.   I wish there was a longer version of this.  It’s only about 1/2 hour of outtakes from the conference, but it is still interesting to...
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    Design Patterns Are Not Outdated

    A comment left on my answer to a question over on Stack Overflow has me a little worked up. I've seen this meme come out of programmers more and more and it just doesn't seem accurate. The statement goes something like this, "Design Patterns were only...
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    Is there really a benefit in lossless audio formats?

    Lossless codecs are all the rage amongst those who aspire to be audiophiles.  Whether it is ripping CDs in a format like FLAC or WMA Lossless or listening the TrueHD track on Bluray movies, there are those who swear by it.   Most audio...
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    A Review of a Kindle

    Six months ago I purchased a Kindle 2 .  I originally bought the Kindle to make travelling easier.  I tend to carry a lot of books with me when I take a trip and those books get heavy.  With the Kindle, I could carry just this one device...
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