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March, 2012

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    How to Write Your First Developer Resume

    I am returning from a recruiting trip to interview students on campus.  Because of this trip, I had a chance to read a good number of resumes.  Some were well done, many, however, were not.  They contained irrelevant information or were...
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    Successfully Interviewing for a Developer Job

    Having recently completed another round of campus campus interviews, several things stand out as advice that could be useful to those of you aspiring to get jobs in the software industry as a Developer or Test Developer. Always describe what you are doing...
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    If you ever wondered why Vim uses hjkl for arrow keys...

    I tend to use Vim as my editor of choice. Even when using Visual Studio, I do so with the ViEmu plugin. I have always wondered why the directional keys were hjkl instead of jkl;. The latter are the home keys for the right hand. The former are not and...
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    Behind the Scenes of Windows 8

    Larry Osterman returns with another installment of his Behind the Scenes... series. This time with Windows 8. Larry is a developer for the team I work on. If you haven't caught it yet, take the time to read how the team developing Windows Runtime experienced...
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